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Have you had a hug this week?

Blade gives great hugs. He is a big part of our family and brings so much joy and love to our lives. He also helps to reset our autonomic nervous systems, which is something that hugs help us to do. Speaking with our customer experience manager, Emma, in our last meeting we were discussing some of the things that help us feel relaxed and nourished. One of mine was hugging and generally being with our dog Blade, he comes to the office with me most days!

We all deal differently with stress, depending on how we are wired. There many factors at play, including our past experiences and current environment. However there's real science in hugging and many researchers have found that just 30 minutes of playing, hugging and or stroking a pet elevates levels of the compassion hormone Oxytocin by over 300%. So hugging pets and loved ones helps increase our feelings of love and reduces stress. It's amazing how our bodies can respond to a hug or petting the much loved animals in our lives.

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