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My retreat and follow on sessions have been life changing... a beautiful path of recovery from burnout and depression.

Stefan, loving husband, father and Airline CFO

Working with Jayne has changed how I live my life.  I see the impact everyday.  I would recommend to anyone.

Julie, Change Manager, Switzerland

The tools I learned on my retreat are having a huge impact and proving invaluable.  I have so much more positive energy.  By far the best investment I have ever made.

Lisa, Head of Operations

Before my retreat  I often imagined life as a never-ending game of tennis.  Now I feel back on top, more relaxed and can think clearly.

Tanith Carey, Author & Telegraph Journalist

Jayne helped me find clarity through the noise and cloudiness of a busy day-to-day schedule.

James Adeleke, CEO Generation Success

Jayne is a true inspiration.  She always spurs me to think that little bit bigger!  A supremely good coach.

Nick Bolton, Founder of Animas Institute

Jayne's expertise and guidance is sorely needed and very well delivered.  I would surely recommend to anyone.

Raihan Pancha, Global Programme Manager, Ericsson

Embodying complete honesty and truth through her deeply connected work, Jayne has helped me enormously.

Seth Tabatznik, Co-Founder 42 Acres

Jayne provided invaluable coaching support during a turbulent time.  She's been a really helpful voice in my corner, reminding me of the bigger picture and to focus on what's important.

Ellie, Human Rights

Jayne is a powerful coach.  She coaches in a gentle, safe and nourishing way.  She holds a loving, graceful, yet strong container for transformational conversations.  She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

Lara Tabatznik, Co-Founder 42 Acres

Jayne brings a creative approach to coaching and from her, I've experienced how effective NLP and body movement can be in coaching. She brings her personal and professional experience with managing burnout to help us learn how coaching (and self coaching) can help us have a happy, healthy life.

Ieva Eksts

I've been able to find peace with what was holding me back.  I recommend Jayne to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, lost, stuck or wants to move forward in life.


Mialy Dermish, Executive Director, Sirus

I had become a little lost in my position at the UN, Jayne helped me to take much more self-ownership, and connect with my deeper needs and desires.  I have since moved into a new role running an NGO, where I feel I’m making a genuine difference in creating a better world, which is fantastic.  I highly recommend Jayne’s one to one and group work.

Marie Munro, HR Specialist & Executive Coach

Jayne created a space that was totally led by me in a gentle and observant way. At the time my confidence and self-belief was low following burnout. Now I have a clear and positive vision, a ‘can-do’ attitude and renewed belief in my capabilities. My biggest insight has been the reminder of who I really am and the importance of my values. I definitely recommend Jayne’s work to anyone wanting to create change, and especially to those who have suffered
from burnout and feel stuck.

Anna Green, Director of Change 

Jayne runs the most inspirational courses providing women with the confidence to use their creativity and intuition without fear. She works hard to promote and spread her healing techniques drawing on her teaching, coaching, art therapy and business experience. I always walk away from one of her sessions feeling positive and with tools that I use on a regular basis to help set realistic goals that allow me to enjoy my work and personal life more.
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