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I uniquely combine aspects of coaching, integrative art psychotherapy

and energy management to help you have a breakthrough experience

and rediscover your power, passion and purpose.

About Jayne


As much as possible I like to work with people outside in nature.  Although the pandemic has meant that I've been running many of my retreats 1:1 online, I have still encouraged clients to be outdoors where possible for our calls or to meet with me to 'Walk & Talk' if local to the Bristol area.

Walk & Talk


Marci Shimoff, Author

When we’re overwhelmed by the busy-ness of everyday life, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our innate happiness, brilliance, and love. If you want a life that feels vital, alive, and aligned with your dreams, meet Jayne Morris, she clearly shows the way. 


Sharon Rooney, Spa Director

Jayne’s energy is infectious, you will feel not only motivated but also gain a better understanding of yourself, what you want to achieve, and how to get things done effectively.  We have been delighted to have Jayne run retreats at Lucknam Park.


Lara, Co-Founder 42 Acres

Jayne holds a powerful and pure vibration.She is a conduit to what wants to come through her and does so in a gentle, safe and nourishing way.  She holds a loving, graceful, yet strong container.  Jayne puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

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Talking about stress, wellbeing, clutter clearing and energy management is something I really enjoy and am passionate about.  I have a wealth of experience delivering talks, workshops, participating in panelist discussions and presenting/ appearing as a guest on both TV and radio.


I regularly contribute to articles published by national and international magazines and newspapers.  



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Women's Group

Starting May 2021

For many years I have been feeling the urge to start a women's circle.  Until now the timing hadn't quite felt right to put it together.


My vision for the circle is for it to be a powerful holding space for likeminded women to come together and share, explore, learn and connect.


Initially the circle will be held virtually, online at a set time each week - with the hope that at some stage it will be possible to offer in person meet-ups in the form of mini retreats.


Participation in the women's circle will be by donation (as all my work has been for several years now).

"Jayne has great insight, personal anecdotes and

advice on stress management. 

We have been

delighted to have Jayne take part as a HuffPost panelist,

TV guest and


— Carla Busazi, Former Global Editor HuffPost Lifestyle 

"We are thrilled

to have Jayne

blogging for Psychologies

Life Labs and contributing to

our magazine as 

a Wellbeing


— Psychologies Magazine


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