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Jayne Morris
Jayne Morris
Jayne Morris
Jayne Morris

My vision is for a planet filled with people who care. Inspired individuals who look after themselves and collectively care about each other, their communities and the environment. A world where everyone follows their passions and purpose, creating healthy and sustainable lifestyles that they love.

It might sound like long way from the world we live in today, but I truly believe in big change being possible if we start, like Ghandi has said with each one of us “being the change we wish to see”.

I have held this vision since I was a little girl. But, along the way I got side tracked from it by an addiction to doing too much. I had perfectionist tendencies, always sought to people please and found it very hard to switch off and relax. This combination caused me to constantly push myself as a high flyer, determined to exceed expectations of others, always striving to deliver my very best.

In 2007 I developed repetitive strain injury in both hands, wrists and arms. My body used to sweat so much that I had to change my clothes three times each day. I ignored the signs that I needed to slow down and eventually burnt out. I developed post viral fatigue and extreme dizziness (labyrinthitis). I was bed ridden for 6 months.

In 2008 despite being exhausted physically and emotionally, on another level I experienced something of an awakening. In pushing myself to the limits I suddenly realized that I could go no further unless I found a way to turn everything around. I connected with an internal longing to do so much more with my life, fuelled by the energy of creativity and inspiration.

I took some time out to explore what really made me come alive on the inside. I reflected on my life and the underlying natural passions that had influenced my interests over the years. When reflected on my key life experiences, previous challenges I had overcome, my natural talents and the skills I had developed along the way, I began to connect the dots. I uncovered what resonated as my true purpose ‘helping others transform their lives’, which is the essence of the work I do today.

Through my experience of burnout I learnt the importance of trusting and honouring my intuition and body wisdom. I released the root cause thinking that had kept me stuck in negative patterns of struggle. I gave myself permission to take care of myself as a priority so that I could give to others from a place of plenty, rather than running on empty.

In 2009 I founded my business. Since that time it has become my mission to raise awareness of burnout, fast being labeled the 21st Century Syndrome, and to help facilitate a rapid road to recovery for others. My current work harnesses my passions, knowledge and skills in a very unique way.

I have trained with first class educational institutions in order to combine cutting edge coaching with art psychotherapy, martial arts, meditation and modern day spirituality. I partner with energy workers in addition to medical and nutritional specialists in order to deliver exclusive transformational VIP days and restorative retreats.

I have worked with people all over the world and become brilliant at helping others discover their power, passions and purpose. I act as a catalyst for a powerful process that shifts lives from Burnout to Brilliance, enabling exceptional individuals to make the massive impact in the world that they are truly here to make.

I love what I do, and I do what I love. No two days or clients are ever the same, which keeps things fresh and fulfilling. My life is very different from the way it was before I burnt out. Now my work truly energises me and I have a healthier balance between work, rest and play. I am always learning and looking for innovative ways to keep moving forward. My husband and two daughters help keep me grounded and excited by the potential that each new day brings..

If you always feel tired, find it difficult to switch off, suffer low sex drive, struggle to concentrate, experience a slow recovery from coughs and colds, crave salt, sweat under stress and have digestion problems then the chances are your adrenals are being overworked and you are at a high risk of burn out. Click here to take the 2 minute test and find out how I can help you today.

Jayne Morris