Tanith Carey


“Finally I have time to think clearly.  As a self-employed mother-of-two in a profession of back-to-back deadlines, no family support and a mortgage to pay, the pace often felt relentless.  I often imagined life as a never-ending game of tennis in which I am constantly trying to lob back balls.

My aim of attending Jayne’s retreat was to help put ‘me’ back on top and not feel guilty about it. Not only do I feel more relaxed, but I also finally have time to think clearly. A guided mediation session, looking five years into the future helped me to imagine the type of life I’d like to live.  I figured out ways to earn more money by working less and spending more time with my two children (aged 14 and 10) . When asked to draw the first image that came into my mind, I found myself drawing my dog Honey, a note to self to live as much in the moment as she does.

Now I create a sliding scale in my head with “I’m feeling great” at one end and “I’ve had enough” at the other and keep drawing a line between those two points to check where I am. When it gets to eight, it’s time to relieve the pressure valve – like getting time alone where no one makes any demands on me.  In my job, everything moves, bleeps or shifts from second to second.

On those sunny, windless days at the retreat it was as if the world stood still and so did I. For two days, I got to step off life’s every spinning carousel and really think about what needed to change before I stepped on again.  Importantly, I have learned was how to spot the signs that I need to reach for my own ‘oxygen mask’.”

Tanith Carey, Parenting Author of Taming the Tiger Parent and Managing the Mayhem for Busy Mums