Sarah Beilfuss

Life has become an amazing, fun adventure! When I contacted Jayne, I had burnt out and been suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder for 3 years. I was finding it difficult to get beyond this experience, which was preventing me from moving forward in my life. During the two days I spent working with Jayne, she went much deeper than just the trauma and I was able to see the root of my problems.
Most amazingly, rather than just helping me to find the culprit, she also helped me to let go of them in a way that only she can. Her approach was so different from anything I had ever tried or would have ever considered. To be honest, half the time I thought “I paid for this, so go with it”. But it worked! I guess Einstein was right when he said that to expect different outcomes from doing the same things is insanity.Working with Jayne has been an amazing experience that had a lasting effect on me. My thinking has changed significantly which is now enabling me to follow my dreams, be brave, trust myself and just go for it. Life has become an amazing, fun adventure! Fear still exists, but it no longer rules my life. It is merely a little voice, like a child that needs soothing.

I would work with Jayne again any day and would most certainly recommend her to everyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, anxious or burned out. I am embarking on a complete re-invention of myself, my life and my career and am loving every minute of it.  Thank you Jayne! -Sarah Beilfuss, Health & Fitness Entrepreneur