Jessica Pointon

JessicaPointon Before working with Jayne I was in a dark place.  I had taken a leap of faith and left full-time employment.   I was results-orientated. I needed help to refocus and rebalance and to sort out what I was doing that was generating the blockage and ensuing frustration.

The focus of my VIP was very basic: how to start doing things differently! I wanted to find another way of viewing the problem, finding the obstacle.

Since working with Jayne, I have grown in confidence and have delivered more workshops combining yoga, story and play.  I am less anxious about my business and enjoying the journey. Also, in my home/daily life, I have dropped many of my control security blanket habits. Generally, I feel I am standing on my own two feet, able to walk the path and enjoy the scenery!

At the risk of sounding paradoxical, the most powerful aspect for me was, and continues to be the gradualness and gentleness of Jayne’s process. Gently and almost unperceptively things have changed. And still now, I notice new changes that have their origins in the work we did.

I would recommend Jayne’s work because of the continued and lasting effects.  She has a level of detachment and neutrality is to be commended and recommended wherever possible!

- Jessica Pointon, Founder of Fundamental Joy