James Adeleke


Jayne helped me discover clarity through the noise and cloudiness of a busy day-to-day schedule. Jayne recently spoke at our FCD Breaking Barriers event, which was a combined workshop and networking event. The event had senior directors from BT, HP, Oracle, Huddle, a CEO of one of UBM plc’s divisions and established entrepreneurs teaching 20 different workshops for 300 entrepreneurs, professionals & students. She left those in the audience, including myself wanting more.

Her presentation style and personable nature made the impact of what she was teaching so much more effective. So affective that I had emails from attendees of gratitude for having Jayne at the event and explaining how she positively affected their lives. The theme in their feedback was that she inspired them to reflect, identify their true values and prioritize personal vitality. She seemed to have connected with every individual in the audience from CEO to student, a hard skill to master.

I for one share their comments as since hearing Jayne speak, I have found techniques and ways to create renewed focused and re-energize myself whilst working. These techniques have brought a positive shift in my life as by having “clarity” things become much easier and my steps towards my goal seem more powerful. Thank you Jayne for helping me find the techniques to discover clarity through the noise and cloudiness of a busy day-to-day schedule.

With this clarity, I have been able to lead my team more effectively and share my vision with those around me, in ways that I could not do before.

My only regret is that I did not learn these techniques years before, when I was heading my previous companies’ cash for land division. I put so much pressure on myself at the time, worked incredibly long hours to get results, drive the companies push international, create new innovations and achieve targets, that I was driven by my schedule and almost burnt myself out.

The techniques learned through Jayne’s talk would have been amazing for that period in my career; in making sure I re-energized myself in the office, became more productive and not just smash my targets but actually demolished them.

Jayne you are a true inspiration and I hope that we can have you back at one of our events soon.

- James Adeleke, President BPP FCD Group