Jayne is Brilliant! – I watched her deliver a motivational speech from the stage to a large audience and thought she was brilliant! – Suze Orman, CNBC TV Presenter and Internationally Acclaimed Personal Finance Expert


When we’re overwhelmed by the busy-ness of everyday life, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our innate happiness, brilliance, and love. The result: depletion or burn out. If you want a life that feels vital, alive, and aligned with your dreams, meet Jayne Morris, she clearly shows the way. - Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author.

Sharon Rooney - Spa Director

Jayne’s energy is infectious, you will feel not only motivated but also gain a better understanding of yourself, what you want to achieve, and how to get things done effectively. - Sharon Rooney, Spa Director, Lucknam Park

Ahmed Aburunnat - Executive Director

Jayne has been a true delight to work with. Jayne presented leadership development workshops for a business event we organised at The Mayfair Hotel in 2014, sponsored by The Kenyan Commercial bank with delegates attending from various countries in East Africa. She proved to be a highly engaging speaker both on the stage in front of a large audience and in her smaller focus workshops where delegates were delighted with her teaching skills, interaction and keynote speaking. The feedback we received from the senior level executives in attendance was fantastic and we look forward to having her back in 2016 to support our leadership conference on women’s progression in the workplace. Due to her versatility in a wide range of topics, in addition to our Women’s conference on progression we hope to have Jayne attending the majority of our events, including our Oil & Gas conference and Banking & Finance forum throughout 2016. - Ahmed Aburunnat, Executive Director, Thames VIP Ltd


So inspirational and helpful. Jayne delivered a talk for us in Dubai at our flagship Kinokuniya UAE book store in the World’s largest shopping Mall. 
It was a remarkable event and people got hooked on her speech. The talk was so inspirational and helpful. Creating a
 healthy workplace is so important in our fast growing country and Jayne’s tips and advice were so efficient. We are so glad we invited her to share her wisdom on how to reduce anxiety and transform your life to one of brilliance. Burnout to brilliance is a magical book for achieving optimum balance between body, mind and spirit. It will be an honour for us to invite her to speak again during the Spring 2016 when she will be visiting Dubai for the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature as a workshop leader and panelist. - Meras Mohammed El-amine, Kinokuniya United Arab Emirates


Jayne has provided some valuable insight to our organization, with regards to managing stress and identifying as well as dealing with “burnout”. In a region where mental health and well-being issues are significantly overlooked, Jayne’s expertise and guidance is sorely needed, and very well delivered. We found Jayne’s recent visit to be eye-opening and helpful and I would surely recommend Jayne to anyone seeking to better themselves. – Raihan Pancha, OHS Manager Ericsson Telecommunications, Dubai


Jayne’s has great insight, personal anecdotes and advice on stress management – During 2013, we introduced HuffPost Conversation Starters, a year-long series of debates and panel discussions about the important issues of the day. We were delighted to have Jayne take part as a panelist in one of these events, held during August’s Wilderness Festival. Her insight, personal anecdotes and great advice about stress management were an integral part of making the event such a huge success. – Carla Buzasi, Global Director of HuffPost Lifestyle


Jayne is one of the UK’s best home grown coaches – I saw her deliver a speech where she did some very special things and had every single person up on their feet doing a martial arts move together that brought the whole room to the same place. – Michael Heppell – International Speaker, Success Coach and Best Selling Author


We were delighted to have Jayne launch our new Conscious Business Club. Jayne’s insight, knowledge and ability to deliver and cover a topic that affects people in so many ways was fantastic. This is someone who has definitely been on her own burnout journey and is living proof that the information she shares does work. Don’t be fooled by Jayne’s gentle manner, this woman has a quiet strength and can deliver a punch if needs be. Loved it!”. – Mary Daniels, Co-Director of Alternatives


Jayne combines inspiration and emotional intelligence when delivering guest speaking and training. Jayne managed to keep everyone engaged, make it relevant at a personal level, whilst giving everyone key general ‘quick win’ techniques to allow people to make an immediate impact on their lives. The audience both warmed to and related to Jayne, together with coming away feeling motivated. – Philip Fanthom, Managing Director Jenrick IT


Jayne is a true inspiration! – Every time I talk with Jayne I’m impressed by her energy, focus and wonderful creativity. I can honestly say that coming out of a conversation with Jayne always spurs me to think that little bit bigger! She has a wonderful way to help reconnect me to the passion behind what I do if I’m ever doubting it. Jayne’s spoken at a number of my events and is brilliantly engaging, warm and funny. As a fresh thinker and an integrater of ideas, Jayne always brings something new and incredibly authentic to her speaking. Whether you want a speaker or a supremely good coach, Jayne will absolutely deliver! – Nick Bolton, Founder of Animas Institute and The Smart School


Jayne is a lively, articulate radio guest. As an expert in her field, she is able to convey information and advice in an authoritative, yet friendly style. She has plenty to say on her subject, but at the same time, engages with the interviewer so the result is a well-balanced interesting segment. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. – Jackie Mitchell, Co-presenter, Surrey Business Affairs, Brooklands Radio


Jayne helped me discover clarity through the noise and cloudiness of a busy day-to-day schedule. Jayne recently spoke at our FCD Breaking Barriers event, which was a combined workshop and networking event. The event had senior directors from BT, HP, Oracle, Huddle, a CEO of one of UBM plc’s divisions and established entrepreneurs teaching 20 different workshops for 300 entrepreneurs, professionals & students. She left those in the audience, including myself wanting more. Jayne you are a true inspiration and I hope that we can have you back at one of our events soon…  READ MORE - James Adeleke, President BPP FCD Group


Finally I have time to think clearly. As a self-employed mother-of-two in a profession of back-to-back deadlines, no family support and a mortgage to pay, the pace often felt relentless. I often imagined life as a never-ending game of tennis in which I am constantly trying to lob back balls. My aim of attending Jayne’s retreat was to help put ‘me’ back on top and not feel guilty about it. Not only do I feel more relaxed, but I also finally have time to think clearly…  READ MORE - Tanith Carey, Parenting Author of Taming the Tiger Parent and Managing the Mayhem for Busy Mums


Jayne is a kind coach who coaxes rather than bludgeons you into realisations about your life. She has a background in martial arts and arts psychotherapy as well as coaching, so she often comes up with surprisingly playful approaches to looking at your life. For one exercise we were invited to pick out three little toys from a selection on a table – and talk to them. I enjoyed chatting with my Disney Princess, bendy snake, Dalmatian dog and troll (yes, I picked four!) and realising I need to do more to accept my fluffy feminine side, my inner wisdom, my instinctual nature and my playful child. I also liked the way she takes clutter clearing beyond the physical and suggests clearing out stagnant friendships, thoughts and even energy patterns (I’d never thought of excess weight as clutter before).  Jayne is a kind, calm and soothing coach with a surprising spiritual edge. We loved her insights and her playful techniques. - Jane Alexander, journalist, author of over 20 books on natural health and wellbeing and a contributor to Queen of Retreats.


A truly amazing dayThe session with Jayne has been a roller coaster of emotions . I have come out of it with an amazingly positive energy and a brighter outlook for my future. - Mel Baudin, Hotel Reservations Manager


My VIP retreat with Jayne was truly priceless – Before I met Jayne I had tried many different forms of therapy with little effect. I was spending most of my time in a whirl of anxiety, stress levels thorough the roof, thinking I was going crazy.  I was always asking myself why couldn’t I just “stop” feeling so stressed? It was only after stumbling upon Jayne’s work via a podcast that something actually clicked within me and finally confirmed I wasn’t mad – I was actually beyond frazzled and close burn out. The time we spent together was truly priceless for me. We were able to get deep into the roots of my issues and spent quality time de-tangling from the beliefs and habits that led me to that murky place. This meant our work didn’t just stop when our time was up – it has continued ever since. Jayne didn’t just give me answers, she taught me HOW to find them for myself. Since that weekend I can honestly say that my life has changed. I’ve progressed more personally AND professionally in 2 months than I had done in the last 2 years before meeting Jayne. Her knowledge, genuine empathy and coaching ability is truly second to none. I would have no doubt whatsoever in recommending Jayne to anyone, if only we could just multiply her and send her off around the world! THANK YOU Jayne, for all that you do x – Heather J Wynn – International Nutrition & Fitness Coach


I have re-balanced the scales. Before My VIP day with Jayne was exactly what I needed to get out of the funk I found myself in, where the work/life balance was completely out of alignment. I was nearing exhaustion and problems were showing up in all areas of my life due to my over-commitment to work. I love what I do and am very passionate about helping others but in the process I had completely neglected my own needs. Jayne helped me to see how this was creating lack in my life, to re-focus on the things that really matter and let go of the things that were not serving me. Since working with Jayne, I have re-balanced the scales and through taking better care of myself I am enjoying an abundance of wonderful clients and my relationships are love-filled and joyous once more. Thank you so much Jayne, you are a true Angel.  - Samjhana Moon - Director of Goddess Portaiture


Working with Jayne was truly inspirational. – I was drawn to working with Jayne since I attended a workshop she ran in Central London. Her warm, gentle and nurturing approach has a powerful effect. I am applying the techniques she taught me in my everyday life and not only do I see a change in my energy, others have noticed it too. My daughter in Greece has commented on how different I sound and on my new positive outlook on things. She even said “Mum, you are the happiest I’ve ever seen you! What’s changed?” The most powerful part of the experience of working with Jayne was learning to trust my inner wisdom and to allow time for myself in my morning routine. Allowing time for me, even if for 5 minutes, made all the difference to the quality of my day. Since my VIP day I have experienced many changes in my relationships with others and my approach to my career too. Things in all areas seem to be unfolding effortlessly. In fact, I feel there is an element of surprise in my new endeavours and somehow I feel I will be pleasantly surprised!   – Dr Maria N Zoutsou- Scientist, Life Coach, Entrepreneur


My world has absolutely been revolutionized. Before working with Jayne my feeling was that it was hard to balance both love and business. I thought that life was dependent on choosing one over the other. Since working with Jayne I have realised that in truth a balance of both is possible… READ MORE - Adam White, Owner of Adam White Personal Training Studios


Before working with Jayne I was in a dark place.  I had taken a leap of faith and left full-time employment.   I was results-orientated. I needed help to refocus and rebalance and to sort out what I was doing that was generating the blockage and ensuing frustration. Since working with Jayne, I have grown in confidence and have delivered more workshops combining yoga, story and play.  I am less anxious about my business and enjoying the journey. Also, in my home/daily life, I have dropped many of my control security blanket habits. Generally, I feel I am standing on my own two feet, able to walk the path and enjoy the scenery! READ MORE -Jessica Pointon, Founder of Fundamental Joy


Life has become an amazing, fun adventure! When I contacted Jayne, I had burnt out and been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for 3 years. I was finding it difficult to get beyond this experience, which was preventing me from moving forward in my life. During the two days I spent working with Jayne, she went much deeper than just the trauma and I was able to see the root of my problems.I would work with Jayne again any day and would most certainly recommend her to everyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, anxious or burned out. I am embarking on a complete re-invention of myself, my life and my career and am loving every minute of it.  Thank you Jayne! READ MORE – Sarah Beilfuss, Health & Fitness Entrepreneur


Powerful way of teaching – Before I joined the course I felt stuck. I wanted to use the skills and experience I had, but move into work that was more aligned with my purpose and unique skill set. The most powerful thing I learnt was how to hold my energy while travelling on the London underground. Seems like such a small thing but when you are borderline claustrophobic smooshed in-between armpits and boobs for an hour each day it really is a valuable tool! Jayne’s soft nurturing nature is complimented with a firm and powerful way of teaching. She empathises with gentle understanding and guides with effortless intuition, allowing her clients to discover the answers, which have been inside themselves all along. – Rebecca Campbell, Author of Light is the New Black, Hayhouse


When I was at a low point in my life – Jayne suddenly came to the rescue.  She offered me a powerful coaching experience I’ll never forget.  She helped me tune in to who I really am, and to visualize my ideal life. I feel incredibly supported, understood and inspired by Jayne, and to this day go back to the visualizations we did together.  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jayne – she’s incredibly warm, supportive and yet dynamic and powerful – taking you to the places you really need to connect with.  I’m very grateful for all her help and kindness, which come from a place of sheer love for helping others… her kindness really has touched me very much. She was like an angel who appeared in my life.  Thank you Jayne!! Diana Walles, Artist


Touched some untapped creativity deep inside – A few months before working with Jayne, my mum had died, and immediately before that I had taken voluntary early retirement from my job in the Civil Service.   I had subsequently embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find a sense of purpose.  As part of this exploration, I felt drawn to the course that Jayne was offering…  READ MORE – Sue Maggott, Founder of Inspirational Poetry


Jayne helped me create a powerful map that changed how I approach myself and the way I handle varying situations. She helped me to create a visual and tangible tool where I could see exactly where I was with my life, plot out where I wanted to get to and actually implement into reality. I was able to look objectively at myself and the way I run my life from an outsider’s perspective. I was able to declutter (not only things but also emotions) wherever necessary. I have taken so much into my own practice with young people and consistently refer back to my notes. – Priyanka Handa, Founder of REWA Education Centre


Working with Jayne has been amazing – I can’t thank you enough for your inspirational radiance and influence here – Charlotte Jago, Senior Project Manager, Swizerland


Jayne helped me make a major life decision – I would like to express my thanks to Jayne for helping me with a major life decision I needed to focus on. I was a Fast Jet Pilot in the Royal Air Force made redundant during recent government defense cuts. Several options came to play and I found it very difficult to decide which path was best to choose. All seemed to have such different outcomes and consequences. Discussing my options with Jayne helped clarify to me my life goals and ambitions and realise the best direction to take to achieve these. It is now 18 months later and I am working for one of the leading world airline companies. I am extremely happy I made this career choice instead of choosing one of the other options available to me. If, like I was, you are in a position of uncertainty or confused about what life choices you need to make I can whole heartedly recommend Jayne’s services. – DR, Commercial Airline Pilot


My life has become exciting and incredibly rewarding – Jayne helped me assess where I am in my life and what needs to be worked on. I have let go of negative behaviours like overworking and drinking too much. This has given me more strength and hope for the future. Now my life has become exciting and incredibly rewarding. With the help of Jayne I have let go of everything that wasn’t serving my highest good, which has created more space for other wonderful opportunities in my life. Things are changing rapidly and I look forward to continuing to work with Jayne to help me follow my goals and live my life purpose. – Tracy Weare, Director of Create Change Within


I can’t recommend you highly enough – Before working with Jayne I had spent years heading in the same direction. I started feeling an overwhelming sense of everything changing around me, but I was unsure of which direction to head in. Working with Jayne has had a very powerful effect leaving me feeling free, happier and more empowered. I have a more positive outlook and a clearer vision for the future. I experience less fear of change, have moved house and freed myself from toxic relationships. I’ve let go of things I no longer enjoyed doing to make more time to spend looking after myself, exercising, being outdoors, and doing things I love. As a result I feel full of energy! I truly believe there is no point being stuck in a life that isn’t 100% what you want it to be and investing time and money in yourself to become who you want to be is 100% worth it. Thank you Jayne, I can’t recommend you highly enough – what a lovely gift your positive energy is truly amazing and infectious! Keep up the great work! – Sian Hill, Marketing Director


Working with Jayne is a really special experience – Jayne helped me find the courage and clarity to move forward on my heart’s dreams and desires…which I’d put in the back seat because I didn’t think they were possible. Her sessions are unique, creative and come completely from the heart. Working with Jayne is a really special experience and I highly recommend her. – Cordelia Brabbs, Director of Oceans of Love


I have managed to take control of fear – Jayne is authentic, compassionate, considerate, and an incredible listener. She helped me get back in touch with my inner self, to recognize the things in my life that are important, bring back passion and to move forward. I have managed to take control of fear, manifest positive decisions and acknowledge a much deeper understanding. Jayne has clearly built a diverse range of modalities by which she can assist any individual in finding themselves again and I feel very privileged to know her and have worked with her. I would recommend her to anyone who felt they needed some direction back in their lives. With sincerest love and gratitude. – Shirley Palmer, Founder of CalmRed


I’ve made positive and lasting life changes – Since working with Jayne I have been inspired to make a number of lifestyle changes, finding time for creativity and thereby achieving a better work-life balance. I realised which areas of my life could benefit from focus. I found the courage to work on my health and fitness with a personal trainer. Jayne’s skills in listening, understanding and motivating her clients actively facilitate positive and lasting life changes which nurture the creative soul. Jayne truly has a gift, which she shares with generosity and love. I recommend her without hesitation. – Tammy Gray, Project Manager


I found her very intuitive – I was so pleased to have the opportunity of meeting Jayne and warmed to her immediately. I instantly felt that she was sincere, honest in her approach and authentic. Jayne was able to grasp very quickly the situations that I was dealing with and able to get to the crux very quickly and almost effortlessly. She found a very creative way to help me tap into the things which were concerning me most and in a way really helped me to see “the wood for the trees!” I found her very intuitive and in tune with what I was thinking and feeling. Jayne is without doubt a professional who truly cares about those she coaches and I am hugely impressed by her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to get clear on what they want in life and finding a way forward. – Jane Hamilton, HR Director


Changed my life – I loved this course! It’s been powerful, insightful, useful, interesting – how many adjective are there?! You held a beautiful space to explore, learn and grow. It has changed my life being able to address and heal old demons. Thank you for shining a light and allowing my path to appear. I’d recommend to anyone. Thank you doesn’t seem enough! – Head of Marketing


Made a huge shift in so many areas of my life – I instinctively knew I wanted to work with you on this course as soon as it was announced. I had no idea just how big and exciting this journey with you would be – transformational. I have made a huge shift in so many areas of my life and am excited about the future. The tools and techniques you shared have already been so useful. Life long friends made and an exciting future ahead. Coming on this course cost more that the financial outlay, but has been worth it multiple times over. Thank you! – Rachel Smith, Director of Emerging Widows


Life-changing for me – I did the course hoping for direction in my business and gained so much more. The energy was beautiful and the content was so inspiring. This journey has saved my spirit, freed me from so much that was limiting and holding me down. I feel ready to fly. Words are insufficient, but Thank you! – Mena Barbara Okugenbi


I have found an inner peace and confidence that I had lost –When the course was offered it felt like the right opportunity. This course has helped me discover a new level of my inner spirituality. I have found an inner peace and confidence that I had lost somewhere along the way. I would recommend to anyone wishing to find purpose in their life. – Eileen Cleasby, Social Services


Totally transformational – Thank you for a wonderful and totally transformational course! I absolutely loved it. What did I enjoy most? It’s hard to say. The content and materials were excellent. Everything is so useful, perhaps, however, your unique take on vision boards is one of the most useful tools for me. The techniques and tools covered bring a whole new dimension to the coaching relationship. – Holly Worton, Director of Ready to Bloom


I feel so inspired – Since I first heard about Jayne I felt drawn to working with her. I loved the fun, creative elements of the course, it was an absolute treat to have such a warm, healing, relaxing and safe space with exercises to help me get to the core of who I am. I feel so inspired whenever I revisit and apply the learnings from the course, and more confident as a result in trusting my intuition. I would recommend this course to anyone. Jayne’s incredible methods help others move forward in their lives. – Layla Dothwaite, Musician


Jayne will help you blast through – I had been looking for my life purpose for years, struggling to even figure out what it was that I enjoy doing. Jayne led me through the course and I was amazed at her precise insights, getting to some core of issues I was struggling with. I felt connected to an energy of love and strength. She also taught me to feel my way out of a situation rather than think it through. And, the Power Shout she teaches on the course is great ! I finally accessed a vision of what my place in the world could be, one which fulfilled even secret desires that I had never noticed before and it felt amazing! It is an image that I hold in my heart like an ever going light-house as I am building my way there. I have never felt so confident in my journey and I would recommend to anyone who feels like somehow a blindfold is masking what they truly want. Jayne will help you blast through! – Marianne Soulez, Film Maker


The hard part is figuring out what you want in life – I entered the workshop with a hunch; I exited with an absolute conviction… Expressing my goals as a picture was much more effective than a list. The picture captured emphasis, conveyed relationships and asserted itself much more strongly in my ‘mind’s eye. – RHJ, Director of Programming


I have learnt that focus is everything – Whilst on the course I learnt the importance of clarity, determination and self-belief. Jayne’s course taught me new tools and techniques that I had never come across before. Learning how to actually feel my future has been a huge step forward. Since completing Jayne’s course at least 60% of my visions have turned into reality! Many of them manifested within just a few weeks. Now it is several months on – I’ve experienced a positive shift across my entire lifestyle, especially in my relationships and business. I have learnt that focus is everything – once you have clarity it becomes much easier to focus and believe. Jayne’s course will really help you focus and bring inspiration and positivity into your life. – Beverley Jones, Director of Awaken Coaching


Jayne, you are an inspiration – Before attending the workshop six months ago I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to achieve this year! The workshop helped me focus on what was really essential for me at that time. I love the way Jayne manages to keep the energy really high in a gentle way during the workshop. This high energy allowed me to trust in my ability to make my dreams come true. I would recommend to anyone who wants to clarify their goals and reconnect with their confidence and power. If you attend this workshop, you will know what you really want and you will get out of it knowing what to do to make it happen. Thank you Jayne, you are an inspiration! – Juliette Jeanclaude, Founder of Healing Creativity


Transformed my life – Jayne’s course has transformed my life. Before the 2 day course, I knew what I wanted in my life, I just didn’t have the tools to actively pull it all in. It is a priceless experience. I had no idea just how powerful the work in the course was until months later. My desires are being manifested in ways far better than I could have imagined. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to reach inside to their dreams and make them a reality. Jayne is great at helping you order your thoughts and be honest with yourself. I want to do it all over again! Thank you Jayne! – Anna McHugh, Director of Venue Finding Services


Jayne helped me make peace with my cancer – My GP had repeatedly said she believed I was clear but I decided to see a specialist anyway and they did find cancer lumps, but thankfully they had not spread elsewhere in my body. I experienced a range of emotions, initially severe anguish. Jayne helped me let go of past conflicts, make peace with my cancer, live more here and now and trust my own ability to know what’s best for me. I felt motivated to look after myself and to make my health a priority and found a new way to take care of and heal myself. Since working with Jayne I am now free from cancer. I feel healthier, more self-reliant, independent and relaxed. Looking after myself and taking things easier has also made me more light-hearted and able to laugh more. – HDB


Jayne opened my awareness – When my family and I moved to the UK my son was unhappy at school, but unable to communicate his frustrations to me clearly. Jayne helped provide him with a way to express himself and his emotions, without needing to depend on words or dialogue. Through sessions with her he was able to release tension, grow in confidence and return to being the outgoing, happy little chappy he had been previously. Seeing my son transform like this has been absolutely fantastic. We recently had to move home and thanks to Jayne’s support in making the transition, he has settled so smoothly into an entirely new living environment, is loving his new school and seems to be the happiest he has ever been. In helping my son, Jayne has also helped me. She has strengthened the relationship I have with my little one and opened my awareness to the positive effect that balancing my own happiness, health and wellbeing can have on the overall positivity and wellbeing of my children. – V A, CEO Multinational Event Management Company


I thoroughly enjoyed our workshop day – Thank you so much for making our Vision Board Workshop possible, for coming all the way down to New Pastures, and just for ensuring that everything ‘came about’. I wish you every success and flourishment – I think you have a truly wonderful manner about you – lovely natural warmth, positivity and sheer enthusiasm that is infections. Not to mention very gentle insight (gentle in that you don’t thrust it upon people). I thoroughly enjoyed our workshop day. – WH, London Metropolitan University Graduate


Jayne gave me back my self belief – Since working with you I have regained self belief that I have the power to improve things in my life. I have stayed focused and didn’t expect things to happen so soon! Thank you Jayne! – SW, Tutor


Jayne’s enthusiasm is infectious – Jayne worked with our learners in a tough and deprived inner city London high school. During her time with us she inspired learners to reflect, work hard and aim higher. Her ability to work with both high achieving and disillusioned learners gave her an edge. Jayne has the ability to emphathise with all individuals, furthermore her ability to break down complex concepts and motivate learners with her infectious enthusiasm and lively delivery style endeared her to both learners and staff alike. I recommend Jayne Morris without hesitation. G Dube, Head of Business & Enterprise, Harrow High School – G Dube, Head of Business & Enterprise, Harrow High School


I am delighted to recommend Jayne who spoke at one of our Women in Business Luncheons. We all absolutely loved Jayne’s style of presentation as she has a very warm and endearing manner that immediately connected to our delegates, who were absolutely enthralled with her story. She has extensive knowledge and speaks from the heart with her own real life experience. Her passion to help others and her caring personality really shines through. Half an hour was not long enough to hear Jayne as she has so much to share and would 100% recommend Jayne as a speaker. – Carole Black, Director of Kent Business Events


Burnout is endemic in the NHS and other public services, and it is important that ways are found to reduce it. This book is a valuable contribution, filled with vital information and tactics for a stress free working life. A must read!–Dr. Clare Gerada, Immediate Past Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners


What a great book to deal with the “do it all” culture! Jayne let’s us know that doing it all comes with a hefty price. –Michelle Gayle, actress, writer, and singer. A Brit Award nominee and regular occupant of the Top 20 chart hits and one of the most successful soap stars turned pop stars of the ’90s.


In Burnout to Brilliance, Jayne Morris elegantly shares how change is possible, balance is attainable and your passion for life can be restored. In a voice that is resonate with hope and gentle encouragement, this book will help you rediscover your passion that leads you on to the path of your destiny. – Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestselling co-author of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose 


I believe the connection between mind and body is close, powerful, and offers a valuable tool in taking control of your life and ambitions. With a rare sense clarity and compassion, Burnout to Brilliance explores that connection through teachings and stories that illuminate, inspire and are genuinely accessible. Thank you, Jayne Morris, for sharing your voice and experience with the world.–Dr. David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., scientist, motivational speaker and author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and Is Your Life Mapped Out?


This book needs to be beside everyone’s beside table.  It is a gift to anyone in breakdown mode and essential reading for our modern times.   Burnout to Brilliance is filled with useful strategies that address body, mind, and spirit, and an ode to the importance we must take in our culture to honor rhythm, rest, and resonance. Jayne beautifully maps out the journey to brilliance for us, shows us that it is possible at any time in our lives to change direction, and leads us to a place where ultimate long-lasting healing resides. –Karen Brody, Critically acclaimed playwright and founder of BOLD Tranquility and BOLD Birth


Stop running for your life and start savouring your life with Burnout to Brilliance. Jayne Morris combines recent research with real life insights and effective tools for stepping back from the busyness of your routine to reexamine what’s important and how to use your precious time on the things that really matter. – Sandy C. Newbigging, best selling author of Heal the Hidden Cause and Mind Calm


Burnout to Brilliance is essential reading for all those feeling trapped in a life of busyness. Author Jayne Morris combines leading research, expert analysis and profoundly personal messages that clearly signpost the route to avoid burnout and will help you to navigate the way to your own innate brilliance. Jayne has lived these lessons and now shares her wisdom in an accessible, fun and engaging manner. I cannot recommend it highly enough.–Professor Damian Hughes, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change, Manchester Metropolitan University.


If you find yourself never having enough time, going to bed and waking up with a to do list that keeps getting longer, and sensing burnout is looming close, this book is written for you. Full of practical tools this book is for real people living real lives, this is an excellent handbook on how to avoid hitting that wall. A must read to survive the rat race!–Mary Daniels, Co-Director of Alternatives, the UK’s leading event organisers for inspirational talks and workshops.


Brilliance is not a result of busyness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When we are able to slow down and come from the centre of our being, our achievements have a different quality to them. Our successes become fulfilling, sustainable and reflect a tangible grace and elegance that in turn inspires others. In Burnout to Brilliance, Jayne Morris shows us how this is possible.- Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born To Do and founder of the Born to Lead Community


Jayne’s delightful book is written from the heart. With raw honesty, she shares her experiences her remarkable journey and personal story of recovery from burnout. As one who has experienced burnout on a number of occasions and attempted to push through, believing I only needed to work harder to reach my goals, Burnout to Brilliance rang many bells. Jayne encouraged me to rethink my game plan by showing a productive but softer way forward. I love this book!–Anne Jirsch, author of The Future is Yours


Jayne Morris’s book is a godsend to anybody dealing with high-pressure situations, or experiencing being overwhelmed by any aspect of life. It provides a wide range of simple, practical and effective solutions for avoiding or getting over burnout. Because burnout and being overwhelmed are one of the major causes of chronic health, emotional crises, relationship, performance and addiction issues. As such, Burnout to Brilliance is essential reading. –Phil Parker, Designer of the Lightning Process, author of Get The Life You Love NOW


A heartfelt, insightful and practical look at how and why we burnout and how to make the journey back towards optimal health, wellness and inspiration. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to clients and patients as well as keeping my own copy close to hand. –Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, author of Tired But Wired and Sleep and Energy Consultant to the Capio Nightingale Hospital


From Burnout to Brilliance is a wise and compassionate book. Jayne Morris writes compellingly about how to listen to your body, mind and inner wisdom to heal your life. It’s filled with new perspectives and effective techniques to guide you on a journey to a life of joy and peace. –Lynn A. Robinson, author of Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity


Jayne offers an urgently needed, hugely accessible and holistic solution to the problem of psychic and physical exhaustion confronting so many people today. We only have one life to enjoy- don’t let it pass you by in a haze of burnout! Learn to relish it and relax in to being alive, well and brilliant with Jayne’s book.- Nick Bolton, founder of Animas Centre for Coaching


If you are on the road to burnout, stop and read this book. You will be back to brilliance in no time. – Sue O’Brien OBE, CEO Norman Broadbent


In a global culture obsessed with performance and results, Jayne Morris flips the script. Burnout to Brilliance offers a solution to the modern day neurosis of busyness and gives us a healthy prescription for slowing down, having grace, and relishing in a life that we actually love.–Latham Thomas- Founder of Mama Glow, author, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy


I don’t know anyone who would not benefit from reading this book. Jayne Morris writes with passion, knowledge and personal experience about how to escape burnout and find a more gentle and balanced way of living. It’s a well-worn phrase, but this book really could change your life!–Kim Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd


Burnout to Brilliance is an absolute “must read.” As a relationship expert with over two decades experience working with people who are stressed out, I know firsthand that burnout inflicts pain upon your relationships with the people you love the most: your partner, your children and perhaps above all else – yourself! If you are feeling stressed out in any area of our life, run – do not walk – and invest in this book before it’s to late and you burnout. You and your family are worth it!–Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, CEO and Founder, Relationship Toolbox LLC


Jayne’s brilliant and she’s been burnt out. Jayne speaks with knowledge and from the heart. If you’re feeling in any way burnt out, pick up this book now!–Nina Grunfeld, Founder of Life Clubs


Burnout To Brilliance is a book you won’t want to put down, you’ll be so motived to change! Jayne Morris has a way of simplifying those things we make complicated. She artfully explores the science behind why we do what we do and spiritual journey that takes place when we are ready for change. It’s essential reading for anyone who is challenged with always being on the go. –Heather Chauvin BSW, Parenting Coach


Burnout to Brilliance could save your life. Author Jayne Morris offers the rationale, the reasoning and the tools to enhance your life. It’s informative, easy to read and packed with ideas from someone who’s been there, done it and proudly wears the T-Shirt.–Michael Heppell, the UK’s Number One Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Number One Speaker and Success Coach