BurnoutToBrillianceCoverEndorsements for Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success by Jayne Morris

Burnout to Brilliance could save your life. Author Jayne Morris offers the rationale, the reasoning and the tools to enhance your life. It’s informative, easy to read and packed with ideas from someone who’s been there, done it and proudly wears the T-Shirt.

–Michael Heppell, the UK’s Number One Motivational Speaker
Best Selling Author, Number One Speaker and Success Coach

When we’re overwhelmed by the busy-ness of everyday life, it’s easy to feel disconnected from our innate happiness, brilliance, and love. The result: depletion or burn out. If you want a life that feels vital, alive, and aligned with your dreams, meet Jayne Morris. In Burnout to Brilliance, she clearly shows the way.

–Marci Shimoff, professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Burnout is endemic in the NHS and other public services, and it is important that ways are found to reduce it. This book is a valuable contribution, filled with vital information and tactics for a stress free working life. A must read!

–Dr. Clare Gerada, Immediate Past Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners

What a great book to deal with the “do it all” culture! Jayne let’s us know that doing it all comes with a hefty price.

–Michelle Gayle, actress, writer, and singer. A Brit Award nominee and regular occupant of the Top 20 chart hits and one of the most successful soap stars turned pop stars of the ’90s.

In Burnout to Brilliance, Jayne Morris elegantly shares how change is possible, balance is attainable and your passion for life can be restored. In a voice that is resonate with hope and gentle encouragement, this book will help you rediscover your passion that leads you on to the path of your destiny.

–Janet Bray Attwood, New York Times Bestselling co-author of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose 

I believe the connection between mind and body is close, powerful, and offers a valuable tool in taking control of your life and ambitions. With a rare sense clarity and compassion, Burnout to Brilliance explores that connection through teachings and stories that illuminate, inspire and are genuinely accessible. Thank you, Jayne Morris, for sharing your voice and experience with the world.

–Dr. David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., scientist, motivational speaker and author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body and Is Your Life Mapped Out?

This book is essential reading for all those feeling trapped in a life of busy-ness.

–Professor Damian Hughes

This book needs to be beside everyone’s beside table.  It is a gift to anyone in breakdown mode and essential reading for our modern times.   Burnout to Brilliance is filled with useful strategies that address body, mind, and spirit, and an ode to the importance we must take in our culture to honor rhythm, rest, and resonance. Jayne beautifully maps out the journey to brilliance for us, shows us that it is possible at any time in our lives to change direction, and leads us to a place where ultimate long-lasting healing resides.

–Karen Brody, Critically acclaimed playwright and founder of BOLD Tranquility and BOLD Birth

Stop running for your life and start savouring your life with Burnout to Brilliance. Jayne Morris combines recent research with real life insights and effective tools for stepping back from the busyness of your routine to reexamine what’s important and how to use your precious time on the things that really matter.

– Sandy C. Newbigging, best selling author of Heal the Hidden Cause and Mind Calm

Burnout to Brilliance is essential reading for all those feeling trapped in a life of busyness. Author Jayne Morris combines leading research, expert analysis and profoundly personal messages that clearly signpost the route to avoid burnout and will help you to navigate the way to your own innate brilliance. Jayne has lived these lessons and now shares her wisdom in an accessible, fun and engaging manner. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

–Professor Damian Hughes, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change, Manchester Metropolitan University.

If you find yourself never having enough time, going to bed and waking up with a to do list that keeps getting longer, and sensing burnout is looming close, this book is written for you. Full of practical tools this book is for real people living real lives, this is an excellent handbook on how to avoid hitting that wall. A must read to survive the rat race!

–Mary Daniels, Co-Director of Alternatives, the UK’s leading event organisers for inspirational talks and workshops.

Brilliance is not a result of busyness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When we are able to slow down and come from the centre of our being, our achievements have a different quality to them. Our successes become fulfilling, sustainable and reflect a tangible grace and elegance that in turn inspires others. In Burnout to Brilliance, Jayne Morris shows us how this is possible.

–Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born To Do and founder of the Born to Lead Community

Burnout to Brilliance deserves a spot on everyone’s bedside table. Filled with useful strategies that address body, mind and spirit, it essential reading for anyone in breakdown mode. Jayne Morris beautifully maps the journey to brilliance for us, showing us that it’s possible to change our life course and discover the place where long-lasting healing, balance and rest resides.

–Karen Brody, critically acclaimed playwright and founder of BOLD Tranquility and BOLD Birth

Jayne’s delightful book is written from the heart. With raw honesty, she shares her experiences her remarkable journey and personal story of recovery from burnout.

As one who has experienced burnout on a number of occasions and attempted to push through, believing I only needed to work harder to reach my goals, Burnout to Brilliance rang many bells. Jayne encouraged me to rethink my game plan by showing a productive but softer way forward. I love this book!

–Anne Jirsch, author of The Future is Yours

Jayne Morris’s book is a godsend to anybody dealing with high-pressure situations, or experiencing being overwhelmed by any aspect of life. It provides a wide range of simple, practical and effective solutions for avoiding or getting over burnout. Because burnout and being overwhelmed are one of the major causes of chronic health, emotional crises, relationship, performance and addiction issues. As such, Burnout to Brilliance is essential reading.

–Phil Parker, Designer of the Lightning Process, author of Get The Life You Love NOW

A heartfelt, insightful and practical look at how and why we burnout and how to make the journey back towards optimal health, wellness and inspiration. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to clients and patients as well as keeping my own copy close to hand.

–Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, author of Tired But Wired and Sleep and Energy Consultant to the Capio Nightingale Hospital

From Burnout to Brilliance is a wise and compassionate book. Jayne Morris writes compellingly about how to listen to your body, mind and inner wisdom to heal your life. It’s filled with new perspectives and effective techniques to guide you on a journey to a life of joy and peace.

–Lynn A. Robinson, author of Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity

Jayne offers an urgently needed, hugely accessible and holistic solution to the problem of psychic and physical exhaustion confronting so many people today. We only have one life to enjoy- don’t let it pass you by in a haze of burnout! Learn to relish it and relax in to being alive, well and brilliant with Jayne’s book.

– Nick Bolton, founder of Animas Centre for Coaching

If you are on the road to burnout, stop and read this book. You will be back to brilliance in no time.

– Sue O’Brien OBE, CEO Norman Broadbent

In a global culture obsessed with performance and results, Jayne Morris flips the script. Burnout to Brilliance offers a solution to the modern day neurosis of busyness and gives us a healthy prescription for slowing down, having grace, and relishing in a life that we actually love.

–Latham Thomas- Founder of Mama Glow, author, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy

I don’t anyone who would not benefit from reading this book. Jayne Morris writes with passion, knowledge and personal experience about how to escape burnout and find a more gentle and balanced way of living. It’s a well-worn phrase, but this book really could change your life!

–Kim Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd

Burnout to Brilliance is an absolute “must read.” As a relationship expert with over two decades experience working with people who are stressed out, I know firsthand that burnout inflicts pain upon your relationships with the people you love the most: your partner, your children and perhaps above all else – yourself! If you are feeling stressed out in any area of our life, run – do not walk – and invest in this book before it’s to late and you burnout. You and your family are worth it!

–Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, CEO and Founder, Relationship Toolbox LLC

Jayne’s brilliant and she’s been burnt out. Jayne speaks with knowledge and from the heart. If you’re feeling in any way burnt out, pick up this book now!

–Nina Grunfeld, Founder of Life Clubs

Burnout To Brilliance is a book you won’t want to put down, you’ll be so motived to change! Jayne Morris has a way of simplifying those things we make complicated. She artfully explores the science behind why we do what we do and spiritual journey that takes place when we are ready for change.

It’s essential reading for anyone who is challenged with always being on the go.

–Heather Chauvin BSW, Parenting Coach