Vision Board Workshop

The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop
6-Part Audio Series

“Create a Vision Board that REALLY WORKS
- in the comfort of your own home”

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**Featuring NEW Future Life Progression**

  • Do you dream of being, doing, and having more in your life?
  • Have you felt stuck or burnt out lately?
  • Are you looking for new direction in your life?
  • Do you long to start something new but aren’t sure what?
  • Would you like to live your life feeling fulfilled, healthy, happy and connected to a sense of purpose?
  • Do you desire to experience more satisfying relationships with others AND yourself

Are you ready to discover how to create the life of your dreams?

Hi There,

I am excited to share my passion for vision boards as a transformational tool with you!

Since I was a little girl I have used visioning techniques to help me attract into my life the people, places and things that my heart yearned for… I now combine these same principles with powerful practices from my training in life coaching, meditation, visualization, martial arts, art therapy and angelic healing – and experience incredible results both in my own life and when working with clients.

How is this course different


Apart from the fact that I combine techniques from the Martial Arts and Art Therapy as part of this course – which you won’t find anywhere else… one of the most powerful elements of my Vision Board course is the inclusion of Future Life Progression (FLP).

FLP is a cutting edge guided meditation technique that helps people take a snapshot of their future and gain valuable life learning, enabling them to benefit from hindsight ahead of time. The experience is often extremely enlightening and very beneficial because it provides the opportunity to ask your higher or future self for advice. The experience of this actually creates a shift in your energetic vibration, which expands your vitality and helps give you more clarity and certainty about what decisions to make and direction to take with various aspects of your life.

“I have myself, and indeed I know of many people who have done this (FLP) process…the experience can be immensely enlightening.”Paul McKenna

Using FLP as part of the vision board creation process is really invaluable because it will connect you to what you REALLY want to bring into your life, help you tap into the feeling of having that and attract all you want to be, do and have to you much faster.

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are a modern manifestation tool combining concepts taken from creative hobbies like scrapbooking with motivational mind-mapping techniques and brand development methods used by marketeers. A vision board is quite literally a collage of pictures, phrases, poems and quotes visually represent what you would like to experience more of in your life.

Who uses them?

An increasing number of Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, television personalities and top motivational speakers have started to share how vision boards help sustain their success. Vision Boards are fast being recognised as more than just a bit of creative fun, and credited by leaders of our time a powerful tool for transformation.

From Oprah Winfrey to Arnold Schwarzenegger

visioning techniques and vision boards are helping
millions of people worldwide to manifest their dreams.


“The hard part is figuring out what you want in life. I entered the Vision Board Workshop with a hunch; I exited with an absolute conviction… Expressing my goals as a picture was much more effective than a list. The picture captured emphasis, conveyed relationships and asserted itself much more strongly in my ‘mind’s eye.” Richard Hayman-Joyce, Programme Controller
“I wanted to find a way to harness all my thoughts and dreams. I needed to have them placed somewhere visual so I could take time out of my day to look at them and take myself into the reality of having them as part of my daily life. The workshop was perfect for this – I met so many like-minded, positive and energetic people who were enthusiastic about their future and all looking to find a creative way to move their dreams forward. Whilst on the course I learnt the importance of clarity, determination and self-belief.I had used the law of attraction before in my life, but had previously found that the messages often lacked details, which in turn produced mixed results. But, Jayne’s course taught me new manifestation tools and techniques that I had never come across before. Learning how to actually feel my future has been a huge step forward. Since completing Jayne’s course at least 60% of my visions have turned into reality! Many of them manifested within just a few weeks. Now it is several months on since I created my board – I’ve experienced a positive shift across my entire lifestyle, especially in my relationships and business.I have my board in a prominent position in my office and since the workshop I regularly spend time visualising myself living and enjoying all the events I have placed on it. I have learnt that focus is everything – positive thoughts constantly bring positive actions into my life.

I would recommend this course to anybody who has many visions but needs to find a way to capture, harness and focus their thoughts – because once you have clarity it becomes much easier to focus and believe. Jayne’s course will really help you focus and bring inspiration and positivity into your life.”


Beverley Jones, Director of Awaken Coaching

A vision board can help you too!!

The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop 6 Part Audio Course

I use vision boards on a regular basis with clients individually and in small groups, I have also taught the in- depth content of this course several times as a live workshop.

Through teaching my vision board creation process I have discovered exactly why vision boards work for some people and not for others AND developed a unique programme you won’t find anywhere else!

It is transformational stuff! Prepare to discover more about yourself on this course than you have probably learnt in the past twenty years – no kidding!

“The vision board has been amazing -one of the things on it was buying finally property to make myself a haven this year – I found last week 1st place I looked – stunning new build light and fresh with the most innovative environmentally friendly features in Switzerland right now and it is the show apartment so already has been beautifully and tastefully decorated so I saved a lot of money on having to choose every last tile and paint colours and flooring- it was just waiting for me! I believe firmly that because I looked at my board each morning and thought of it that it worked that way, can’t thank you enough for your
inspirational radiance and influence here.”Charlotte Jago, Senior Project Manager, Switzerland
“Before attending the Ultimate Vision Board Workshop six months ago I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to achieve this year! The workshop helped me focus on what was really essential for me at that time. I loved the way Jayne said: “The image you choose to keep for your vision board needs to be 100% you, if you’re not so sure about this one, just leave it, it’s not you!” So simple and so efficient!My vision board looks superb and I look at it almost everyday. There is one image of a pool and these words written on the water “Visualize the future”, there is also a woman wearing a toweland looking so happy as if she just had a sauna and guess what? Soon after the workshop I decided to sign up for the fitness club near my house, (finally thinking, yes I can afford it! Thank you Jayne for helping me change that belief!) and now, twice a week, I go there, swim and go to the sauna and… while swimming under the water, I started having visions about the content of my workshops and what I could paint, etc. It really works!I love the way Jayne manages to keep the energy really high in a gentle way during the workshop. This high energy allowed me to trust in my ability to make my dreams come true. I would recommend the Ultimate Vision Board course to anyone who wants to clarify their goals and reconnect with their confidence and power. If you attend this workshop, you will know what you really want and you will get out of it knowing what to do to make it happen. Thank you Jayne, you are an inspiration!”

Juliette Jeanclaude, Painter, Actress & Founder of

The Ultimate Vision Board course has transformed my life. Before the 2 day course, I knew what I wanted in my life, I just didn’t have the tools to actively pull it all in from the universe. I knew the course would help but I was worried about the price. Don’t be, it is a priceless experience which will help you access all the abundance you seek. I really enjoyed the visualisations and meditations that helped us draw out our true desires. I often look back at the board and folder we made and draw comfort in the knowledge of all the good things that are coming to me.I had no idea just how powerful the work in the course was until months later. My desires are being manifested in ways far better than I could have imagined. For example, during an exercise where we wrote down what we’d like to do, be and have if money were no object, the only material item I asked for was a new car. I also covered my board with images of a happy loved woman and a strong, kind man standing behind her. Well, 3 days after the course I had a car accident and my old banger was written off. 6 months later, my fabulous new boyfriend is taking me with him this weekend to pick up his brand new car – and is putting me on the insurance as 2nd driver. We’re off to meet the parents soon…Two dreams come true in one!I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to reach inside and out to their dreams and make them a reality. Jayne is great at helping you order your thoughts and be honest with yourself. I want to do it all over again! Thank you Jayne!Anna McHugh, Global Venue Finder

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this course

Audio 1 – Clearing Out – Letting Go of anything that’s been holding you back so far from living a life you love.

  • How to take stock on where you are at using a fantastic life coaching tool
  • Identify the Hidden Hurdles holding you back
  • Why work is causing you stress and struggle and how to shift your experience of that from “surviving to thriving”
  • What’s stopping you from being a money magnet
  • The six secrets you need to know in order to let go of anything holding you back!

Audio 2 – Clarity – Getting clear on what you really want – visualizing the life of your dreams.


  • Jayne’s top Martial Arts tip to Power-Up your energy
  • Why spending time barefoot can boost your brilliance
  • How to harness the power of intention and align with your highest vision for yourself
  • The secret attitude you need to develop in order to attract more of what you want
  • Three simple steps to uncover your deepest desires

Audio 3 – Confidence – stepping into your true power and ability to be, do and have anything. Believing that you can make the move from surviving to thriving.


  • The one belief that could be sabotaging your success and self-empowerment
  • How to use ART to feel your fears and do things fully connected to your confidence
  • Why your confidence affects your competence and how to increase both!
  • 7 Simple Steps to Increase Your Confidence
  • Clearing your Chakras for optimum success
  • How to expand your energy with Jayne’s Power-Shout technique
Audio 4 – Connect – tapping into your inner guidance to help navigate the creation of your board and the amazing year that lies ahead. Developing your own Power-Up Purpose Statement for your board.

  • How to harness your intuition any time, any place
  • The 4 ways you can receive clear inner guidance
  • How to use your intuition to create your vision board
  • 7 Simple Steps to tap into Higher Wisdom
  • How to identify your true values using the Power-Up Values Sheet
  • Discovering your life mission
  • Create your Purpose Statement to increase the power of your vision board.

Audio 5 – Create – exploring your inner vision of all the things you want to attract into your future and bring them into creation as a physical representation of what is possible for you. Creating your ultimate vision board.


  • How to prepare the perfect space to create your board
  • List of materials you’ll need before you get creative!
  • The Step Into Your Power Vision Board Energiser
  • Discover different board options including the ‘Mandala Board’, ‘Intuitive Board’ and ‘Bagua Board
  • How to choose the ideal board style for whatyou most want to attract into your life
  • Connecting to your life force energy and moving into creative flow

Audio 6 – Call in – intensifying your ability to manifest by aligning your energy with your board and learning how to stay connected to it for optimum results.

  • The ultimate visionboard activation key you need to know to become a manifesting magnet
  • How to use your board daily to help you stay aligned to your true Power, Passions and Purpose
  • What to do with your board if you are always on the move, or travel frequently.
  • The Vision Board Ritual that is super simple, yet super crucial to the success of your board.Going beyond your board – how to set goals from your board, gain insight from your board and uncover the secret meanings of the images and phrases you chose.
  • Two powerful exercises to keep you on track, committing to action and moving forward in your power.

Sound good? Great! I think so too!

This programme will teach you the BEST tools and techniques I know. Tools and techniques that REALLY work and that will help you create your ULTIMATE VISION BOARD.

I’ve combined cutting edge principles and practices from the worlds of personal and business coaching, integrative art therapy, future life progression and angelic healing in addition to years of experience helping hundreds of people successfully transform from cower to power using creative arts, martial arts, mediation and visualisation.

Are you ready to step in to your power and connect to the real you and your true desires, that have been waiting all your life to be discovered?

Cost of the Course

The cost for the full 6-part audio programme including all corresponding worksheets and guided meditation tracks is just £297 £47.

Spring/Summer Sale – save £250! Get this £297 course for just £47

AND you also get these amazing bonus gifts:


Top 10 Vision Board Mistakes Report

Find out what not to do, so you can avoid vision board disaster! Vision boards are popping up all over the place, but many people don’t get the success they desire because of silly mistakes that could easily have been avoided – if only they knew where they went wrong! Get ahead with this report and ensure you make the most powerful board possible.

Worth £27


Vision Board Guide

The Ultimate Vision Board Guide eBook

Comprehensive 136 page workbook featuring summary sheets of all the juicy content covered in the course, structured as a quick and easy reference guide when you want to update your board or are ready to create a new one. When you follow all the steps I cover in this course you will be manifesting your desires quicker than you imagined possible and are likely to want to create a new board again within 3-6 months – this guide book will help you re-cap fast on the 6 C’s process to follow in order to continue experiencing further manifestation success!

Worth £97

Total Value = £394

AND you’re protected by my “I love Power-Up Coaching” Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’re going to LOVE this 6 part course and get huge value from it. To back up my 100% belief in the Ultimate Vision Board Workshop Telecourse, I’ll give you 7 days to experience the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you… If in your heart you decide it is not the right fit for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. 100% – no questions asked.

Yes Jayne! I’m ready to Create a life I LOVE!

For Just £297 £47 (sale price) I understand I’m getting:

  • The Ultimate Vision Board Workshop 6 Part Audio Course – including access to the following recordings and worksheets

    • Call 1 – Clearing Out
    • Call 2 – Clarity
    • Call 3 – Confidence
    • Call 4 – Connect
    • Call 5 – Create
    • Call 6 – Call In
  • Bonus Meditation tracks

    • Future Life Progression
    • Chakra Clearing
    • Step Into Your Power Energiser

AND the following additional BONUS GIFTS

  • Top 10 Vision Board Mistakes Report (worth £27)
  • The Ultimate Vision Board Guide eBook (worth £97)

Plus I know I’m protected by Jayne’s “I love Power-Up Coaching” Guarantee.

£297 £47

So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY and join me for this amazing programme so that you an discover how to create a vision board that will inspire you to take positive action towards your dreams, and attract to you like a magnet all your heart’s deepest desires.

“Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you. Your vision board reinforces your positive images and enables you to attract the best possible in life. Vision is the key connector between one’s daily goals and one’s lifetime purpose.”

Bob Proctor


With Love, Light and Laughter,

P.S. Get your free Vision Board Report here:

Vision Board report

“Before I attended the Ultimate Vision Board Workshop I wasn’t feeling very clear about what I wanted to experience during the year ahead. The workshop gave me a chance to ground myself and connect to what was important to me. I enjoyed the combination of exercises that we did – ranging from getting reconnected with our bodies through to art work and I found that they helped me to access ideas, feelings and direction that I’d not been able to connect with before the workshop. Since the workshop I’ve kept my vision board where I can see it and have found it very calming to look at – it makes me smile. It also reminds me to take action towards the goals laid out on my board. Some of the things on my board are now starting to come into my life – including the opportunity to give talks and a promising new relationship. I’d recommend the Ultimate Vision Board course to anyone who wants to get clear about what they want in their life and wants to do what they can to create it. What a great way to discard unhelpful thoughts, feelings and attachments and step into who you really are. I can’t wait to see my vision board continuing to manifest into reality and to build on it. Thank you.”- Carla Miller, Director of Space to Be
“So you just make the board, stick it under your pillow and a tooth fairy-esque character visits you in the night with a sack full of everything you desire? It doesn’t happen quite like that!Jayne’s workshop is light and refreshing. Probably one of the most positive individuals you could ever meet, she mixes solid personal coaching techniques with some innovative activities.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the workshop is it will probably help you relax and get a bit of perspective. Being relaxed as you encounter new experiences going forward will definitely help you get what you want.

Did my tooth fairy visit? On some of the stuff a resounding yes, and some I’m expecting in the New Year. Just glancing at the board straightens my posture and gives me a lift though!”

Paul, Marketing Director


An expert in empowering women to love their lives and follow their passions.

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