The Brussels Attacks – Looking Forward

This past week there has been a build up of stagnant energy hanging around the city of Brussels, like a fog of fear following the terrible cluster of attacks and associated arrests across Europe.  A BBC journalist asked Belgians to express how they feel about the attacks in five words and compiled a short video.  I found it really moving to hear so many of the people suggest that although feeling sad and afraid, they also hold hope and happiness for a brighter future.

It is so important for us all to collectively focus on visualising more positive and peaceful times ahead.  Quantum physics proves that we are all energy and our thoughts affect our energetic vibration or frequency.  We are also energetically connected to each other and the vibrations of our thoughts affect others around us.  The events of the world are like a huge mirror reflecting back at us our collective thoughts.  To improve our collective experiences we need to clear and release heavy feelings, like fear or hatred, in order to raise our vibration and align with lighter vibrations of happiness, love and peace.

There are many psychotherapeutic, coaching, yoga, martial arts and meditation-based exercises and actions that you can use to help you discharge negative energy and reconnect with a sense of calm and raise your vibration to a higher frequency.  In my book Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success I include several guided meditations that can help you re-energise.

jaynehealingAn Exercise to Clear Fear, Recharge and Send Healing

-Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

-Turn your focus to your breath.

-Take a deep breath in.

-Fill your lungs completely.

-Set an intention to breathe out and release any fear based thoughts or feelings that you are holding in your body.

-As you breathe out push your hands (palms open facing away from you) outward from your body, in a strong movement.

-Repeat until you feel a sense of calm return to your body and mind.

-Imagine roots from your feet growing down into Mother Earth.

-Imagine connecting to Earth energy through these roots and drawing it up through your feet.

-Recharge your body with this energy.

-Imagine your arms like branches growing up to the sun.

-Imagine the sun shining down on you and re-energising you.

-Feel the warmth of the sun on the top of your head and across your forehead and allow that energy to soak in through your skin and nourish you.

-With each next breath, breathe in peace.

-Breathe out any remaining fear or tension held in your body.

-Turn your focus now to your heart.

-Breathe into your heart and connect with a feeling of love and warmth there.

-Imagine extending that feeling of love from your heart out to all of the people of the world currently overshadowed by fear.

-Set an intention for them to reconnect with the light within them, to feel it and allow it to shine and guide them to also release fear.

-Now turn your attention to the area beneath your rib cage, your solar plexis, the centre of your inner power.

-Imagine filling it up with this wonderful energy of love.

-Really strengthen it. Feel and see it shining brightly from within you.

-Now imagine yourself standing inside a ball of light.

-Protect this ball of light with whatever colour you feel represents protection.

-Know that this intention to protect your energy will keep you safe and shield you from any further fear.

-You can return to this exercise at any time when you feel depleted or knocked off and need to recharge.

-Take three more breaths.

-Breathe in peace.

-Breathe out tension.

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