Feeling Fat?

Do you regularly find yourself moaning to friends and family about your weight gain or diet failures?  Feeling fat is something that many women (and men) beat themselves up about.  The problem is that fat talk quite literally weighs us down. Talking negatively reduces our energy and enthusiasm, in turn lowering our confidence and making us much less fun to be around.  Nobody wants to spend time with someone who constantly grumbles and as a result it pushes the people we care about the most away from us.

Deep down many of us indulge in fat talk it because we want a helping hand to stop procrastinating and quit making excuses.  The problem is that most of the time, when we need a loving kick up the backside we instead receive well-intended, compassionate comments about being beautiful just as we are.  Of course learning to love our wobbly bits and appreciating our inner qualities holds great value in increasing self-worth and combating crazy ideals of achieving the celebrity stick insect look.  But there is nothing wrong with wanting to take better care of your health, wellbeing and self-esteem.  Regular exercise and good eating habits can help you look and feel great.

How to stop indulging in fat talk and start feeling great:

  1. Get support – Instead of moaning to the same people on a regular basis about how bad you feel about your weight commit to doing something about it. Either book a session with a life coach or personal trainer to hold you accountable for taking action or explore the root cause of the beliefs behind your self-loathing so that you can learn to love your body and honour it.
  2. Express gratitude – Stand in front of a mirror and take an honest look at yourself.  Think about the things that you take for granted that other people would love to experience.  Perhaps you have a full head of hair, good eyesight, nice teeth, a beautiful smile, well-manicured hands or the ability to walk.  Be thankful for what you do have.  Say “I love you” out loud to yourself.  Give yourself a hug.  The idea of doing this may sound silly, but it is probably exactly what the beautiful person inside of you needs to hear – from you, rather than someone else.
  3. Pamper – Stop being so hard on yourself and indulge in some self care, like an eyebrow tidy, manicure, pedicure or blow dry.  Sometimes a little uplifting treat is all we need to help motivate us into looking after ourselves better.
  4. Flip it – Every time you catch yourself indulging in fat talk, to yourself or someone else, find something positive to say instead, like “I am committed to getting in shape” or “I am learning to love my legs.”
  5. Exercise and eat well – Stop procrastinating on making healthier lifestyle choices.  Get started now.  If you haven’t exercised for a while begin by popping some shoes on and going for a brisk 10 minute walk, build up slowly and surely from there.  Opt for healthier meal choices.  Cut down on the things you know are not good for you and snack on energising alternatives like soya beans or trail mix instead of crisps or chocolate.
  6. Get more sleep – Head to bed an hour earlier or top up during the day with a power nap so that you feel better rested, more enthusiastic about exercise and less likely to reach for sugar or caffeine.

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