Chrissy B Pre-Show Interview


1.  What made you want to be a de-clutterer?

When I started my coaching business I didn’t really set out with the intention of offering de-cluttering as part of my services.  I specialize in helping people who have a habit of overworking, overextending and overcommitting themselves to simplify and streamline their lives so that they can shift from burnout to brilliance.

Many people who do too much hold clutter in every area of their lives.  My job is to help them clear it out.  Our internal and external worlds are intrinsically linked.  Everything that we hold in our thinking shows up in other areas of our lives too.  So physically clearing clutter can help people clear out the root beliefs that cause them to fill up every corner of their lives and give them back the space to breathe.


2.    How long have you been de-cluttering?

For as long as I can remember.  As a little girl I was forever rearranging things in my home.  Not just clearing things out, but moving around furniture to improve the flow of energy.

3.    What is the worst story you have every heard in relation to de-cluttering?

I think the hoarding programmes shown on television give you a pretty good insight into some of the worst possible scenarios imaginable of how negatively clutter can impact on every area of someone’s life when physical clutter gets out of control.    Some people develop such a strong sentimental attachment to their possessions that their connection to them begins to replace relationships, negatively affect their physical health and mental wellbeing and even prevents them from working, socializing or pursing previous hobbies or pastimes.  It can become all consuming.

4.    Does this make you a very tidy person?

Not super tidy, no.  On the tidiness spectrum I’m somewhere in the middle!  I like to know where everything is and be able to find things quickly and easily.  I clear out regularly so that clutter stays manageable.  With a little toddler and another baby on the way I have lowered the bar on how tidy things are at home, but I still like to have things organized so that there is a place for everything to live.

5.    How can messy spaces affect us mentally?

Energetically clutter overwhelms our senses, drains our energy and clogs our creativity.  But people’s individual perceptions of mess vary.  There have been some interesting studies into this. Some organisations have adopted clear desk policies where barely anything more than a pen and pad of paper is permitted in their offices.  Everyone is different.  That might work for some people, but it definitely wouldn’t work for me!  I write a lot for various publications and am currently finishing my first book – so I have a pile of articles and other books out on my desk that I am referencing on a daily basis.  I also like to have fresh flowers on my desk and a vision board to help keep me energized and inspired.  My husband thinks it looks messy, but it works for me!

6.    How do you feel after a huge declutter session?

Whether I am de-cluttering my own possessions or helping someone else clear theirs, I always find the process energizing and hugely satisfying.

7.    Do you find that people feel differently in the mind after de-cluttering their home?

Absolutely, deep-rooted beliefs and issues naturally surface whenever someone tackles de-cluttering their home.  Supporting my clients with this is perhaps the most challenging part of de-cluttering.  If people don’t address and heal the reasons behind the accumulation of their clutter it will just come back again in some form or another.  The most powerful part of the work I do with people is to help them clear the clutter on the inside, not just the outside of their lives.


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