How to Get That Summer Feeling


According to our calendars British summertime is officially here, the only thing that seems to be missing is the sun!   Every so often we have been teased with a brief appearance, but he has yet stuck around long enough for us to feel that wonderful extended summer feeling.   So, I suggest we create some sunshine of our own and when Mr Sun decides to show up for the summer we will really be ready to party with him.


1. Go to the beach

Grab your bucket and spade and some waterproof layers and head to the nearest beach.  Even if the weather is overcast you can still have some fun reconnecting with your inner child and making some sandcastles.  Being by the sea is very therapeutic and re-energising no matter what the sun decides to do.


2. Look at old holiday snaps

Summer holiday photo albums can act like a light switch for positive emotions.  When we look at a photograph that has a positive association it helps us reconnect with the feelings we had when we took the picture.  Looking at photographs of things, people or places that make you feel good can be a great thing to do on a daily basis to help boost happiness and generate a greater sense of well-being.

Make a collage of fun, happy, beautiful, relaxing or inspiring summer photographs and put them up on your wall like a vision board, or keep them as your screen saver.  Use them to take a mini summer holiday in your mind.


3. Go for a picnic

Pack up your favourite summer treats in a basket and head outside for a picnic.  If it rains have one indoors somewhere near a window and just pretend you are outside – children can do this easily, all it takes is a little imagination.


4. Make a summer playlist

In the same way the photographs can help trigger summer memories, songs work in a similar way.  Whenever we hear a song that reminds us of a positive time, person or place we smile as our minds transport us back to that moment in time.  Smiling releases endorphins into our bloodstream causing a chemical reaction that physically makes us feel good.  By creating a playlist of your favourite summer feel good songs you can give yourself an inner glow whenever you wish.


5. Have a BBQ

Smells also connect us straight to memories.  Have a BBQ to bring on that summer feeling in a flash!  Even if it is raining and you need to sizzle your sausages undercover or end up eating indoors :)

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