The Power of Forgiveness

When someone says or does something that upsets or angers us we can be left with  wounds that hurt for a lifetime unless we find a way to forgive.  Forgiveness means making a decision to release any resentment, bitterness or vengeance held towards another because of something said or done that upset you.

The connection between the mind and body is extremely strong and holding on to negative emotions can quite literally make us ill.  By choosing to release negative feelings about others you can bring about deep healing within your body as well as in your mind.  The act of forgiving another is also empowering because it helps you to move away from playing the role of a victim and can give you the confidence to overcome other challenges in your life.

Forgiveness can sometimes be extremely difficult, especially when we are called to forgive an act that we do not condone.  If however, we can see the behaviour as being separate from the person, then we are able to forgive their actions as being poorly made choices, rather than a reflection of who they truly are or have the potential to be.  This can help us to mend broken relationships or move on whenever a situation has reached a natural end, thereby helping us create a new beginning.

Follow the process below to help you forgive a person, group of people, situation or yourself for something that you want to let go of.  By taking yourself through the process you are not making the wrong things right.  Instead, you are simply giving yourself permission in this moment, to release the pain of the past, so you can move forward in your life with more energy, grace and ease.  You can use the 5 Step Process of Forgiveness to help you to leave anything negative from the past behind you, so that you can focus on creating a lighter and brighter experience in your life, today.


5 Step Process for Forgiveness

1.      Focus – Bring to mind the person who has upset you with their words or actions.  Imagine they are stood in front of you.

2.      Recall  - Think about the things they have said or done and notice how you feel in your body.  Are you aware of any heaviness, tension or tightening?  Make a decision to release these negative feelings by forgiving the hurt that you have experienced.

3.      Open Your Heart  - to begin the process of forgiveness start by connecting in with feelings of love and peace within your heart.  Imagine you are standing in sunlight and the rays of the sun are warming your heart.  Feel a beautiful glow in your heart sending love to all the parts of your body where you previously felt pain in relation to the person that upset you.

4.      Melt Your Pain – allow the feeling of love from your heart to melt away any pain that you have experienced as physical sensations in your body.  Literally feel them all easing away.

5.      Forgive – when you feel ready extend that same feeling of love out towards the person you want to forgive.  Imagine them being surrounded by your love and notice as all of their words and actions that hurt you in the past simply melt away.  Say to yourself or out loud any of the things you wish you had been able to say in the past and get any remaining resentment off of your chest, then when you have said all you need, end the process with the words ‘I forgive you’.


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