The Pros and Cons of Extreme Living you living an extreme life?  I was recently asked to comment on my experience of working with CEO’s, Celebrities, Leaders and Luminaries living their lives ‘to the max’.

As the saying goes “often the way we do one thing is the way we do everything” – and when living an extreme life often all areas can become stretched to their maximum limits.  In the short term this can be very exciting, but over the longer term it is not sustainable.

The core problems people begin to face when moving continuously from one extreme experience to the next are physical and psychological symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue.  I help people overcome this by developing strategies for sustainable living.  We also explore the root cause beliefs behind what drives them to want the experience of the extreme.  As a result they are able to enjoy extreme experiences with their nerves, relationships, health and wellbeing intact.  Bliss comes from being able to balance work, rest and play so that each day remains exciting and rewarding, and we enjoy all that life has to offer without burning out.

Possible Pros of Living Your Life to the Extreme

  • Incredible experiences that others only dream of enjoying
  • Financially able to afford best nutritionists to provide you with meals meeting all nutritional needs
  • Personal trainers to design fitness regimes that have you looking in tip top shape, enabling you to bounce back after childbirth and achieve amazing weight loss results in record time.
  • Spend time in luxurious environments
  • Attend amazing events
  • Participate in extreme activities
  • Being in a position of influence enables you to make a huge impact in the world
  • Thrill of making the impossible, possible
  • Calling the shots


Possible Cons of Living Your Life to the Extreme

  • schedule often very demanding, many find it incredibly hard to switch off and sleep, resulting in alcohol and recreational drug abuse and use of sleeping pills
  • Difficult to ‘escape’ from always being in public eye, therefore increasingly hard to take time out from the persona ‘played’ in role at work and relax enough to be ‘yourself’
  • Extreme vulnerability
  • Friendships and relationships with family are often challenged as peoples perceptions about you change based on preconceived ideas and the way the media portray you
  • Personal relationships become strained due to fame and fortune, leading to trust issues
  • Unless you internally feel ‘worthy’ of the amazing experiences and environments you encounter, you may create chaos in your life as a form of self-harming to punish yourself
  • Unable to enjoy the extreme experiences because they have become normal and you desperately long for a break from them, but ironically can’t take the break you need due to external and internal pressure to maintain your fast paced lifestyle.
  • Pressure of perfectionism, inner drive to exceed expectations and keep up with the competition
  • Addiction to achieving more.
  • Extreme responsibility

Many of my clients discover that the key is to gain clarity on values and priorities with an awareness of both the pros and cons of extreme living in order to create and maintain a luminous life.  Together we find a way to ensure sufficient time for rest and renewal in order to sustain and support living life to the max!


Top 5 Tips to Shift from an Extreme to a Luminous Life

1. Do Less and Be More

Give yourself permission to do less work in order to enjoy the most important things in life.  This often means shifting mindset around the meaning of less.  The truly rich realise that less is not laziness and believe that less = more.

2. Schedule in Rest

Whether this means you work and play hard for one month solidly then take one month off, or alternate hours, days, weeks; create a system that suits your lifestyle so that you have time to recuperate from all the fast paced action.

3. Challenge What is Expected

Just because everyone else is doing something a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to.  Dare to break out from the cultural moulds.  Create your own path for others to follow rather than following the herd.

4. Remind Yourself that Excess becomes Opposite

As the saying goes “too much of a good thing is bad”.  When we carry anything to its excess it can flip to take on opposite meaning, e.g. help becomes a hindrance,  blessings become curses, free time becomes boring and thrills lose their fun.  Aim for a little bit of this, a little bit of that, in even sprinkles :)

5. Face Your Fears

… and they will turn out to be your friend.  Often we crave the extreme as an escape from something we fear.  Find a way to face your fear and you will no longer need to run.  Try writing a poem or painting a picture to help you make contact with, and explore your fear.

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