Let it Be

When we first enter the world all of our needs are met. We are protected, nourished and cared for without any cause for concern. Nine months later we begin to adopt different beliefs from those around us and gradually forget our inherent knowing that all our needs have been and will always be provided for us. In our forgetting, we start to strive, force and resist, instead of letting life flow by accepting and allowing things to ‘be’. Although tendencies of our modern lifestyles move us out of sync with our intuition, we can return to this flow at any time. We simply need to remind ourselves that everything is cyclical, nothing is constant, and that with time all things change and pass. This enables us to live more fully in the present moment, enjoy the experience of life and set positive intentions for our future, thus transferring the thoughts of our creative genius into manifest form.

As we move through life we can either choose to stay aligned with our natural rhythms, trusting that we are loved, safe and already provided for; or get caught up in false senses of struggle and survival, resisting life’s challenges and experiencing persisting discomfort. We can react to life from the conditioned models given to us by others, or choose to allow our inner guidance to help us decide how we really desire to respond in any given circumstance. When we choose our responses in life we shift into a space of conscious co-creation and cease to push through problems. From this space we can step back and realign with the balance of life, sensing a deep trust that transformation is continuously taking place.

It becomes easier to enjoy the journey of life when we literally breathe into our challenges and open ourselves to the opportunities for learning that they offer us. When we allow ourselves to connect with the wisdom of the cycles of life we physically relax into our bodies and experience a stronger sense of mental and emotional wellbeing. In doing this, our lessons teach us what we most need to learn, we are able to accept, heal, forgive, release associated pain, return to love and move forward with grace and ease. Instead of pushing against life, we can choose to welcome change without attachment, and embrace the natural states of contraction and expansion.

A simple, yet powerful, step by step system to help us consciously choose to move with the flow of the cycles of life is the 7 Step Expansion Process created by Janet and Chris Attwood. Janet introduced PowerZone members to this process in the call “Power-Up from Sad to Glad” my interpretation and summary of which is below:

Seven Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power

1. Notice At any given moment, choose to be present to your experience. In doing this you choose to become a conscious creator.

2. Breathe – Expand your lungs by taking three deep breathes in and out. As you do this you naturally expand your sense of self and reconnect to the natural flow of life.

3. Ask To Be Open – Set an intention to expand even further and be open to expanding again.

4. Go Into The Feeling – Make contact with the feeling of contraction in your body, sit with it, embrace it.

5. Feel The Body – Where in your body are you holding contraction and any associated pain? Become aware of the feeling in your physical body and as your consciousness moves to it healing will begin. The consciousness of love will heal the pain.

6. Use The Tools – Facilitate growth and expansion in your physiology by encouraging a state change. Find a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual activity you enjoy and engage with it for a few moments to gently return your state to that of expansion, e.g:

a. Physical – laughing, dancing, having a massage, yoga, running, walking in nature
b. Emotional – listening to calming music, enjoying a bubble bath, sipping a cup of tea, having a session in a floatation tank
c. Mental – expanding your mind by listening to an inspiring talk, reading an uplifting book, engaging with your vision board, writing in your gratitude journal
d. Spiritual – connect with the sense of being in communion with something bigger than yourself, meditation, lighting a candle and enjoying the beauty of the flame, asking for guidance using angel cards.

7. Communicate Clearly – With love and self acceptance realign with your desires and set a clear intention for what you would like to experience more of, so that you can align with and move towards creating that in your life. Affirm what you want to experience in the present tense to yourself, e.g. “I am happy, healthy and wise”.

“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that you are clear” Janet and Chris Attwood


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