The Power of Zero Tolerance

We all tolerate certain things in life, but did you know that the very things you are tolerating are likely to be holding you back from experiencing the ultimate success you so desperately want to experience? It can be easy to make a list of all the things we tolerate daily, but digging deeper and uncovering the truth of what is hidden behind can be extremely challenging. This is because getting to the root cause of our issues demands us to face our fears, which often hold the key to unlocking our true greatness. By tolerating certain people, places and situations we place boulders before our brilliance, often in an unconscious attempt to protect ourselves from the risk of failure or paradoxically from the risk of shining too brightly.

Whenever we get stuck in negative thinking and behaviour that keeps us small, unseen and saving rather than serving, we stay in the shadow of our fears and uncertainties and prevent ourselves from experiencing our true power, following our passions and fulfilling our purpose. An easy way we can identify areas where we are tolerating less than what we truly desire to experience is by noticing whenever our energy feels drained and whenever we choose thoughts or behaviour that correspond with beliefs of worthlessness, self-sacrificing and suffering, all of which are unhealthy to our wellbeing. As we bring this into our awareness there is often a tendency for us to want to place blame on others or on our circumstances, thus externalizing any responsibility for our experience. But, in doing this we ignore the part we have played in any given situation for directly or indirectly choosing the eventual outcome.

We can however, reclaim our power of choice by deciding to view the things we tolerate in our life from a different vantage point, looking instead for the learning opportunity that they present. There is a fear-based belief buried behind each toleration, which attempts to keep us safe, small and protected from our true, expanded and enlightened magnificence. If we go deep enough we can find the lesson we need to learn, the pain we need to heal from, the person we need to forgive, and the belief we need to release in order to overcome our fears, let go, move forward, embrace our true power and potential and start choosing what we were truly born to experience in our lives.

Cyclical patterns of self-destruction can keep us stuck by replaying similar eventualities and relationships. When we explore what we are truly tolerating in our beliefs about ourselves, leading to our decisions and ultimately our behaviours, then we give ourselves back the opportunity to choose to release anything past it’s due date and shift into our greatness. Once we acknowledge, resolve and let them go, we are able to move on quickly to opportunities aligned with our highest good and unleash our unlimited potential.

Top 5 Tips to Blast Through to Your Brilliance

1. List 10 Things that you are tolerating

2. Identify the core beliefs you have been holding that have led to each toleration, e.g.:

“I am not worth x”
“I must be x”
“I am scared of x”
“It is my duty to x”
“I should/ought to x”

3. Release the things you no longer want to experience in your life by changing what you choose to believe about yourself. Affirmations can really help with this . Let go of old stories by changing the script – give old memories a happy ending so you can move on .

4. Stand in Your Power and prioritise your wellbeing. Let go of anything that is not aligned with the greatest version of yourself that you can possibly imagine being. Click here to access the Power Shout to help you connect to your power.

5. Take Positive Action and move away from what you don’t want, this will help you create space to reconnect with your true brilliance. Explore your passions and purpose and get clear on what you really do want to experience in your life so that you can take action in the direction of your dreams.

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