Six Signs You Need to Slow Down

The modern day rat race is a tricky treadmill to avoid, take one step on and it can feel impossible to get back off.  But begin to notice signs that you need a pit stop, and suddenly pressing pause becomes a whole lot simpler.

Messages signaling that it is time to slow down can come through our internal and external environments.  Our inner guidance system gives nudges via our intuition, although it can be all too easy to override this when a deadline looms overhead.  When this happens our body steps in to signal something is out of alignment by sending us a headache or other symptom of pain.  When we suppress these warning signs by medicating without exploring the root cause, sure as fate, a situation or circumstance will show up corresponding to our inner stress.  The result? Something in our life breaks, explodes, burns out, falls apart or disintegrates!

If we take notice when this happens, and explore the hidden meanings, we can gain guidance, learn lessons and enable ourselves to choose what we need to make better or mend, both inside and out.  If we push on regardless, however, further illness, accidents, breakages and break-downs are sure to follow until we stop and take notice!

To help you hear and heed the hidden messages and metaphors that you are doing too much here are six surefire signs suggesting you need to slow down:

1.    Blaahhhh! We all have days where we just don’t feel right and no matter what we do, no matter how positively we think, we just feel rotten!  Some organizations are wising up to the fact that on days like this rest is best.  They’ve recognized that on bad days, people are more likely to make bad decisions and be incredibly unproductive and give staff ‘duvet days’ so they can rest up and return on form.

2.    Illness Our body is excellent at communicating with us when we need to change our approach with something in our life.  It gives us signs by presenting illnesses representing the root cause thinking we are holding or emotions we are suppressing.  Check out ‘Heal Your Body’ by Louise Hay, for a detailed list of probable root cause beliefs and suppressed emotions along with new thought patterns to use to replace, reconnect and heal.

3.    Recurring Dreams When we sleep our subconscious mind processes thoughts, emotions and accesses inner guidance.  Symbols are the language of our dreams and deciphering them can help you discover deeper understanding, enabling you to apply learning across all areas of your life.  Recurring dreams signal messages we most need to interpret.  There is no one more suited to interpreting your dreams than yourself; a life coach can help you explore this.

4.    Accidents & Breakages You may have heard the saying ‘nothing is ever an accident’ – look for the deeper meaning when something breaks by exploring where else in your life things are heading for a crash or breakage (in particular health crashes, car crashes and relationship ruptures, including the relationship you have with yourself).

5.    Should/Must/Ought to When these three words govern our actions we move out of the positive energy of flow and into a negative energy of forcing.  Taking any action because we feel we ‘should, must or ought to’ means we override our intuitive guidance about what is in alignment with our true desires.  Reclaim your power whenever you notice this happening by pausing for a moment and asking yourself what next course of action would be for my highest good.  Trust your first response, without judging.  Give yourself permission to follow whatever you feel like doing next – you may surprise yourself with what you come up with.  Go with it and amazing results are sure to follow!

6.    Break Downs When electrical appliances and machines, including computers and cars, break down or stop working there is often a metaphor for something more going on within.

International Author and Future Life Progression Pioneer, Anne Jirsch finds that her car always gives her invaluable messages.  In the past her brakes have ceased up whenever she needs to slow down, her gearbox has gone when her legs and knees needed healing, and her radiator leaked when she discovered her body wasn’t rehydrating itself properly – despite her drinking plenty fluids.  Anne has found that as long as she takes heed, any issues usually clear up very quickly both with her body and with the car, and she’s noticed the metaphor showing up for others too:

“I’ve seen similar stories with others. A friend with a blood disorder had to keep having oil changes whenever he needed a transfusion. Another friend finds his battery drains when he has people around him who drain his resources.”


Follow Anne’s helpful hints below for interpreting messages from your car:

•    Headlights: look at how you can let go of overwhelm so you can see more clearly where you headed
•    Accelerator or lack of power: examine where and when you feel powerless
•    Petrol or oil leaks: investigate where you are losing money
•    Steering: examine your direction in life
•    Ignition Issues: look at whether you are heading/going/doing/participating in something you don’t really want to or that against your will
•    Flat battery: time to recharge your energy

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