The Power of Sacred Space

Clearing a space in your office or home to honour as your own special sanctuary can be incredibly uplifting and healing – benefiting not just yourself, but everyone around you. Many cultures throughout history have devoted considerable resources to the creation of sacred spaces where people could go to nourish and nurture their body, mind and soul. Yet we seem all too frequently to be swapping sacred structures for skyscrapers and forgetting to leave sufficient space to serve the purpose of as pick-me-up pit stops in between.

We all need somewhere we can go to escape the rat race and soothe our souls. Setting aside your own sacred space can be as simple as finding a special chair or cushion to sit on, or you may wish to designate an entire area, room or corner of your garden as your sanctuary. Creating your own oasis of calm can help to strengthen your sense of inner peace and tranquility. Having somewhere healing to head whenever we want to take a break can also help entice those of us with workaholic tendencies to make time to rest and recharge. By taking time out to replenish we promote relaxation within our body, mind and soul, whilst simultaneously sending ripples of relaxation out into the wider world.

Remember how good it felt as a child when you engaged with your inherent den-building skills and created a secret shelter, a place to spend time undisturbed? You might want to upscale things from cardboard boxes and sticky tape, but the principles are the same. Engage your imagination, clear out your clutter and reclaim a space to call your own.

How to Create a Sacred Space – 5 Simple Steps:

1. Location, Location
First you need to figure out where you want your sanctuary to be. Notice where you naturally feel most relaxed in your home or office space. Wander around your environment and search for a spot that you can make your own. It might be somewhere you already naturally feel drawn to or you might discover a neglected area you feel inspired to clear out and transform into your own special hide away.

2. Clear Clutter
Every item in your possession and every area of your living or work environment affects you energetically. This is because you are quite literally connected to every object in your home, office, garage, loft, and in storage by tiny energetic cords. The things that are useful to you, that add value to your life and serve a current purpose are charged with positive energy, which replenishes and enriches your life. But the things you hold on to that you don’t really like, don’t ever use and don’t need anymore have the opposite effect on your energy. Things that no longer fit or serve you, drain your energy. Clear out anything from your space that you no longer need, use or love. Let go of all items that deplete your energy.

3. Introduce Treasures
In your new space, choose to have only items, colours, materials and music, which feel uplifting and relaxing. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you in selecting treasures to introduce into to your space. Indulge your senses with luxurious fabrics, sensual smelling candles, pretty potted plants, a gentle wind chime or water feature.

4. Balance the Elements
To ensure the optimum flow of energy in your special space, include an equal balance of items or aspects representing each of the nourishing and controlling elements:

Fire – Reds, lighting, candles, fireplace, sunlight, animals, feathers, leather, wool, triangles, pyramids, cones.
Earth – Yellows and earth tones, soil, ceramics, tile, brick, squares, rectangles.
Metal – White and pastels, rock, stone, all metals, arches, circles, ovals.
Water – Black and dark colours, water features, glass, crystal, mirrors, anything asymmetrical.
Wood – Greens and blues, plants, flowers, all woods, columns and pillars.

5. Bless Your Space
Set an intention for your space to hold only positive energy and to be your special sanctuary for replenishment and relaxation. Make a wish or prayer for your space to bring blessings and peace for all who enter it. And finally, remember to care for your space – keep it clean and well maintained, allow fresh air to circulate through the space regularly – spend time in it, enjoy it and it will nourish and nurture your soul in return :-)

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