Power-Up Your Purpose

Power-Up Your Purpose: The Life Your Are Meant to Live
**6 Part Audio Course**

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of being tired, always pushing, but never getting anywhere fast – Worse, you’ve made yourself ill from doing too much – suffering with headaches, back pain, fatigue, insomnia or stomach cramps… you struggle every morning to get yourself out of bed and back on the bike.
  • You’re in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, but have no idea how to get out of the rut – Each day feels like a never ending to do list, working on projects that aren’t making a positive difference in the world and that you don’t feel connected to OR you’ve recently left the rat race and are struggling to turn your new living from surviving to thriving. Something feels like it’s blocking you, but you’re not sure what.
  • You question whether you are good enough for a promotion, pay rise or to charge your worth – lacking confidence in your abilities, true gifts and talents. Worse, you’re not sure quite what you have to offer anyone because you’re too drained to give anymore of yourself.
  • You’ve heard people talk about finding their passion, and deep down know that you’re hear to do more, but have begun to feel skeptical – unsure of whether you can make a difference in the world when you struggle so much each day with worries of your own.

Well I’ve got FANTASTIC news for you – you really have come to the right place, at the right time!

My name is Jayne Morris, and I’m known as the POWER coach. Why? Because helping people connect to their power so they can move forward with confidence is what I do best! I help busy, successful women DO LESS and BE MORE. Helping them find their POWER, follow their PASSIONS and fulfill their PURPOSE.

The reason I’m so good at helping people to do this is because I have created a unique coaching approach, combining over 18 years martial arts training with cutting edge techniques in life coaching, art therapy and angelic healing. The work I do with my clients really packs a punch!

What’s my secret? I help clients clear their internal clutter, helping them discover more clarity, confidence and creativity. In doing this I also help them connect to their intuition – their internal guidance system or inner wisdom, empowering them to assess each situation for immediate answers and move forward with certainty. I evoke angelic healing to clear energy blocks and teach those I work with how to keep their energy clear and protected.

My clients discover greater access to their imagination, so that they are able to find creative solutions to difficult problems, enabling them to envision, attract and create the life they are meant to live. They experience improved health, wealth and well-being.

You are about to get direct access to my core techniques, tools and practices – all of which I use daily in my own life to create a life I love.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this programme:

1. Where You Are At and What Needs to Change

In this module you’ll learn:

  • What’s working for you and what’s not – including your all-important blind spots!
  • How to Spot Your Hidden Hurdles and Hoops – we can hold beliefs about ourselves, work, money, passions and creativity that keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward. When they are brought into our awareness we can release them and take positive action rather than repeatedly jumping through the same old hoops! You’ll discover the hidden hurdles that have been holding you back so you can let them go!
“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” Anthony Robbins
  • Your Key Competencies For Future Success – a helping hand in pulling out the strengths you may be sweeping under the carpet and building on what you’re good at.
  • How to Release Your Addiction to Doing Too Much – – a powerful technique to help you let of the need to keep filling your time with too many things to do, people to see and places to go.
  • How to identify priority zones for change – knowing where to start and how to take action so that momentum grows and results show – fast!

“Finding myself at a bit of a crossroads, Jayne helped with re-focusing on exactly where I’d like to be heading. Jayne is a gifted coach with a lovely and calming manner. Her encouraging words and intuitive coaching style helped with recognising and releasing old patterns, giving me the confidence to trust in my inner knowledge and know that I am confidently working towards my goals.

Thank you Jayne, I can’t recommend you highly enough – what a lovely gift your positive energy is truly amazing and infectious! Keep up the great work!”

- Sian Hill, Account Manager

Listen to Sian talk about how coaching with Jayne helped her get job of her dreams!

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2. Matching Your Inner World to Your Outer Game

In this module you’ll learn:

  • What to Clear Internally to Create Your Dream Life Externally – how your thinking effects your beliefs and the action you take, or don’t take! How to let go of internal patterns no longer serving you, so that you can change your external experience.
“Struggle on the inside always means struggle on the outside!” Fabienne Fredrickson
  • The Physical Clutter Holding You Back – understanding what clutter actually is. How you are connected energetically to everything in your life and how things in your home, office and even in the basement, loft or garage have been preventing you from moving forward. How clearing out physical clutter helps shift emotional clutter. Powerful stuff!
  • What Drains You Vs What Fuels You– how to identify the people, places and things are your energy zappers Vs those that help you power-up
  • Where Does Your Time Go? – how to stop your days from flying past, with that horrible feeling that at the end you’ve got nothing at the end to show for them. Transforming your days into purposeful, joyful, fulfilling hours that you can feel good about.
  • What are you Holding in Your Body? – work out how and where you are holding things in your body that are non-supportive, so that you can choose what to let go of and move forward lighter, brighter and radiant.

“I was so pleased to have the opportunity of meeting Jayne and warmed to her immediately. I instantly felt that she was sincere, honest in her approach and authentic which are fundamental key qualities in any coach.

I was extremely impressed with Jayne from my very first telephone coaching session with her. She was able to grasp very quickly the situations that I was dealing with and able to get to the crux of the problem very quickly and almost effortlessly. She found a very creative way to help me tap into the things which were concerning me most and in a way really helped me to see “the wood for the trees!” I found her very intuitive and in tune with what I was thinking and feeling.

Jayne is without doubt a professional who truly cares about those she coaches and I am hugely impressed by her. I have since had further coaching sessions with Jayne, completed her Angel Practitioner Training course, attended her Vision Board Workshop and Power-Up Your Purpose course.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to get clear on what they want in life and finding a way forward.”

- Jane Hamilton, Human Resources Manager


3. How to Clear Your Energy and Power-Up – Anytime, Anyplace!

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Powerful Energy Clearing Tools & Techniques – super simple, extremely effective ways to release negative thoughts, behaviours and stagnant energy – anytime, anyplace.
  • How to Release Deep Level Energy Blocks – powerful energy clearing work with your chakras (internal energy centres) and auric field (the energy around your body).
  • The Power ShoutTM – my signature Power-Up energy building tool taken from the martial arts. Discover how to feel your core energy and expand it, so that you can truly step into your power.
“The more willing you are to surrender to the energy within you, the more power can flow through you.” Shakti Gawain
  • The Power-BlastTM – a powerful space clearing and energy building exercise utilising the Power-ShoutTM that will help you let go of any negative beliefs and energy blocking you from moving forward and taking positive action for your success.
  • How to Protect Your Energy – important protection techniques to keep your energy protected before and after clearing so that it stays clear and you stay happy, strong and healthy.

“Jayne worked with my son on power building using life coaching, martial arts philosophies and meditation techniques. Most importantly she taught him about breathing and peripheral awareness. He learnt how to increase his confidence quickly and easily so that he can better protect himself and his energy. He thought she was great – and so I did too.”

- Nina Grunfeld, Founder of Life Clubs, www.lifeclubs.co.uk


4. Why Your Intuition Is a Valuable Tool and How to Access It

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How Intuition Can Help You – discover what purpose your intuition has and how this inner wisdom can be used as your own internal navigation system to guide you through any situation.
“With intuition, we know what we need to know, right when we need to know it. The universe, it seems, doesn’t waste time or energy. Intuition presents information to use when we need it, not a moment to soon or late, and uses any means available to reach us.” Penny Pierce
  • The Four Key Ways to Receive Inner Guidance – understand which intuitive abilities you’re already using, how to increase your competence in connecting with them and how to develop your other intuitive skills.
  • Techniques to Power-Up Your Intuition – ways to tap into your intuition every day to help you handle absolutely anything.
  • How to Receive Wisdom from Your Angels – in addition to your own inner wisdom and guidance from your higher self, you can connect with your angels via your intuitive channels. Find out what angels are, how they can help you and how to communicate with them.
“Angels are the thoughts of God. When you pray that angels be posted at the door to your mind, you’re asking that whenever you’re about to have a fear-based thought, may a higher, more loving perception replace the fearful one.” Marianne Williamson
  • Ways to Ask Your Angels for Help – your angels can help you to heal situations in your life, recover from illness and gain understanding about your life and life purpose for your highest learning and self-fulfillment. Discover how to evoke angelic assistance to bring more peace, love, light and laughter into your life.

I often connect with angels during sessions, with clients who are open to this way of working, and the results are truly transformational. In this module you’ll learn how to effortlessly connect with your own angels for guidance and healing too!

“I can’t thank Jayne enough for my truly transformational session. Jayne immediately tuned in to the issue that was holding me back at this time. Had I not met Jayne, I may never have been given the opportunity to understand the blocks that were preventing me from relating to people effectively. She guided and supported me throughout the session. The session finished with Jayne asking angels to gently heal me. I felt their presence as this was taking place. After the session I had a greater understanding of how an issue had been blocking my ability to show and feel love. I now feel I am safe to love again. I also felt extremely positive and feel I can move forward with ease.

I would recommend a session with Jayne for anyone who wants to remove old beliefs, heal on a physical or emotional level or those that feel they have blocks to moving forward in their lives.”

- Sheila, Centre Director and Skin Care Consultant


5. How to Connect With Your Creativity and Follow Your Passions

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Exciting Ways to Explore Your Creativity – As children we instinctively knew how to be creative. We explored our creativity through play. Despite being born to indulge in being creative, as we grew up we gradually became accustomed to more ‘adult’ ways of doing things and began to forget how much fun it can be to do things for the sake of it, for the sake of having fun! I’ll teach you how to connect back in with your true creative self, so that you can bring more of your innate nature into all that you do. Get ready to get creative! You’ll amaze yourself when you realise how wonderfully creative you really are and had forgotten how to be!
“Creativity is a celebration of one’s grandeur, one’s sense of making anything possible. Creativity is a celebration of life – my celebration of life. It is a bold statement: I am here! I love life! I can be anything! I can do anything!” Joseph Zinker
  • How to Unlock and Unleash Your Gifts – We all have unique talents, passions and skills. Things we love doing that come naturally to us, and that make us feel good inside and light up from within. This module will help you rediscover what ignites your passion and what it is that you would really love to create in your life.
“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best” Henry Van Dyke
  • My Top 3 Ways to Take Action with Complete Confidence – Confidence, just like happiness, creativity and inspiration, is something we all have inherently. Confidence is part of who we are and it grows as a result of taking action, moving through our fears and being brave enough to show up in the world. Yet many of us don’t feel confident in certain situations. I’ll teach you how to feel the fear and do it anyway, so that your confidence and competence grow and grow, connecting you with the courage of a lion!
“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” Mary Manin Morrissey


“Since working with Jayne I have been inspired to make a number of lifestyle changes, finding time for creativity and thereby achieving a better work-life balance. I realised which areas of my life could benefit from focus. I found the courage to work on my health and fitness with a personal trainer and dedicate one day per week to explore starting my own business. As a blocked artist, I had been frustrated at my own lack of inspiration for new projects, but in learning to focus on what I would love to create and making my own vision board, I discovered an unexpected interest in writing and have since begun to pen my first novel!

After reading Jayne’s article on de-cluttering, I even re-organised my flat to allow for space to read, paint and study, and cleared my closet of unnecessary clothes and shoes. This process of change has helped me in so many areas of my life, from appreciating my friends and family more to re-visiting my own personal understanding of spirituality and in general, being kinder to myself and those around me.

I like to think of Jayne as a mentor, guide and friend – her skills in listening, understanding and motivating her clients actively facilitate positive and lasting life changes which nurture the creative soul. Jayne truly has a gift, which she shares with generosity and love. I would recommend her suite of classes, workshops and individual sessions without hesitation.”

- Tammy Gray, Project Manager


6. Getting Clear on Your Purpose and How to Live a Life You Love

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to Get Clear on Your Purpose – so you can align yourself with your true potential for abundance, health, wealth and happiness.
  • What to Shift to Share Yourself With Authenticity – learn ways of expressing yourself and your passions that truly resonate with who you are, so that you can attract like-minded people and amazing opportunities into your life.
  • How to Stand Your Ground – discover ways to speak your truth with love, stop being taken for granted, stop saying ‘No’ when you mean ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ when you really mean ‘No’, stand up to bullies and honour yourself above all else.
“As women, we are often so generous, especially with ourselves, that we give little pieces of ourselves away, to almost anyone who asks. At the time, we hardly notice. Sometimes the pieces we give away are so minuscule that they really seem unimportant… we are unaware of the cumulative effect of years of giving away little bits and pieces of ourselves… Giving myself away and being stingy are not my only options. I can share myself and not give myself away.” Anne Wilson Schaef
  • Why Taking Care of Yourself is So Important – By taking time out each day to replenish ourselves we connect with the peace at the core of our being, and are able to bring more of true selves to the people with whom we share our experiences of life. The key is to do this little and often. Giving your body and mind the chance to rest for long enough to recover from the stresses and strains of everyday modern life. You can only really serve others when you serve yourself first and give from a place of plenty.
“You are worth anything it takes to stay rested, happy and deeply tuned into the people I serve.” Nancy Kline
  • How to Prepare to Launch – discover how to create a powerful vision for the future to keep you fuelled and focused on following your passions fulfilling your potential and prioritising your life purpose!

“I’ve been working with Jayne for over 8 months now and find her sessions hugely beneficial. I have let go of negative behaviours like overworking and drinking too much at weekends. I now have so much love, peace and joy within me and trust that opportunities in my life will unfold naturally.

Jayne’s guidance has helped me assess where I am in my life and what needs to be worked on. This has given me more strength and hope for the future. She has taught me to use my intuition and believe in knowing that I am always provided for. I’ve learnt to hold in my heart everything will come to me with divine timing. Now that I look at my life this way the journey has become exciting. I have fully allowed myself to follow my path, which has been incredibly rewarding.

With the help of Jayne I have really been able to connect with my own inner power, create more love for myself and let go. Through this process I learnt a lot about my own approach to working with my weight loss clients. I realized I have so much power within myself, but subconsciously I had been afraid to use it! I find new opportunities are constantly flowing towards me, it feels great to be FREE. I am now attracting helpful, wonderful people into my life each day, who are helping me grow fully.

Jayne helped me to let go of everything that wasn’t serving my highest good, which has created more space for other wonderful opportunities in my life. Things are changing rapidly and I look forward to continuing to work with Jayne to help me follow my goals and live my life purpose.”

- Tracy Weare, Founder & Director of Create Change Within, www.createchangewithin.com

Power-Up Your Purpose: The Life You Are Meant to Live

**How the Audio Course Works**

Here’s how the modules look when you access them:

For each module you get worksheets to accompany the call and help take your learning deeper. The audio recording of each call can be listened to via your computer or you can download as an MP3 and burn to a CD or pop it on your ipod or phone.

So now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

First I’d like to ask you what would it cost you not to do the programme….

How much is it costing you in terms of your health, relationships, career progression and sense of fun and fulfillment as things are? – always tired, constantly pushing, yet feeling like you aren’t making any progress and worst of all aren’t following your passions and doing something that makes you come alive.

What would be the cost to you and those around you if you continued repeating the cycle of doing too much, exhausting yourself, recovering, then getting right back on the bike again?

When I was stuck working too many hours, trying to do more than one thing at a time, fitting far too many things into an already crammed calendar I suffered from headaches, back ache, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), wound up in hospital needing a major operation, went through three changes of clothes per day to cope with the amount I perspired due to stress, crashed my car and the final wake up call – totally burnt out resulting in being bed-ridden for 6 months!

I would have paid anything to have been able to avoid all of that! It took me 4 years and cost me over £90,000 ($138,000) to learn what I am going to teach you in 6 weeks for just £297 £47 (approx $74US).

Spring/Summer Sale – save £250! Get this £297 course for just £47

This programme will teach you the BEST tools and techniques I know. Tools and techniques that REALLY work and that will SAVE you invaluable TIME and MONEY otherwise researching and gathering from multiple sources yourself.

I’ve combined cutting edge principles and practices from the worlds of personal and business coaching, integrative art therapy and angelic healing in addition to years of experience helping hundreds of people successfully transform from cower to power using martial arts, mediation and visualisation. I continuously add to my skills with regular training and development including coaching supervision and mentoring with some of the world’s leading Mind Body Spirit experts.

It’s my absolute passion to help people experience their full potential by connecting them to their passions, so that they gain confidence and clarity in their true talents and abilities and experience more creativity and fulfillment in leading lives in alignment with their life purpose. For busy, successful women (and modern day men) who do too much, this means letting go of things in their lives no longer serving them, so that they can be themselves with more authenticity and ease, enjoy life more fully, focus on what’s really meaningful to them and following the life they are really meant to live.

I’m aware that many clients when they first come to work with me have never experienced coaching before aren’t sure what level of personal transformation to expect from working with a coach. So to enable as many people as possible interested in experiencing the power of coaching to have access to such a high quality and high content training experience I am going to make it as easy as I can to work with me at as affordable a rate as possible.

Plus, to help you with your cash flow, I’m giving this opportunity to you with an easy installment plan.

Are you ready to step in to Power-Up Your Purpose and start living the life you are meant to live?

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AND you’re protected by my “I love Power-Up Coaching” Guarantee

I’m so confident that when you join the Power-Up Your Purpose 6 Part Course, you’re going to attend your first class and LOVE it. I also know that if you follow each module and complete all the worksheets you’re going to experience amazing transformation in your life – just like my 1-2-1 coaching clients do.

To back up my 100% belief in the power of my programme. I’ll give you 7 days to experience the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you… If in your heart you decide it is not the right fit for you, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund. 100% – no questions asked.

“Before I joined the Power-Up Your Purpose course I felt stuck. I wanted to use the skills and experience I had, but move into work that was more aligned with my purpose and unique skill set. The most powerful thing I learnt was how to hold my energy while travelling on the London underground. Seems like such a small thing but when you are borderline claustrophobic smooshed in-between armpits and boobs for an hour each day it really is a valuable tool! I also loved being reminded of the fact that our purpose is not something that we need to work hard towards, rather, it is often the things that we find the most pleasure in doing and it is more than likely something that just comes naturally to you.

The weekly calls, coupled with homework was a great discipline in remaining focussed on keeping on track. Simple but powerful things like de-cluttering both physically and mentally helped me become much clearer and allowed many new opportunities to come in.

I had a follow-up Future Life Progression session with Jayne, which gave me a clear and exhilarating feeling of what the future could hold. And a knowing that I will be able to tap into now that I have had a taste of it.

Jayne’s soft nurturing nature is complimented with a firm and powerful way of teaching. She empathises with gentle understanding and guides with effortless intuition, allowing her clients to discover the answers, which have been inside themselves all along.

- Rebecca Campbell, Creative Director and Writer



“I had been looking for my life purpose for years, struggling to even figure out what it was that I enjoy doing. Jayne led me through the Power-Up your Purpose course and I was amazed at her precise insights, getting to some core of issues I was struggling with. I felt connected to an energy of love and strength. She also taught me to feel my way out of a situation rather than think it through. And, the Power Shout she teaches on the course is great ! I finally accessed a vision of what my place in the world could be, one which fulfilled even secret desires that I had never noticed before and it felt amazing! It is an image that I hold in my heart like an ever going light-house as I am building my way there. I have never felt so confident in my journey and I would recommend to anyone who feels like somehow a blindfold is masking what they truly want. Jayne will help you blast through!”

- Marianne Soulez, Film Maker & Writer

Yes Jayne! I’m ready to Power-Up my Purpose, discover the life I’m meant to live and create a life I LOVE!

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With Love, Light and Laughter,

P.S. I’d like to leave you with my all time favourite quote, here’s to overcoming your fears and following your purpose. I look forward to helping you shine your light as brightly as can be!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

- Marianne Williamson


An expert in empowering women to love their lives and follow their passions.

Jayne Morris, The POWER Coach, is Founder and Director of Power-UpTM the unique coaching system combining life coaching, meditation, visualization, martial arts, angelic healing and integrative art therapy. Jayne is an expert in helping busy, successful women do less and be more. Adopting a holistic and integrative approach Jayne helps her clients find and connect with their inner power, passions and potential, enabling them to pursue their dreams and make positive change.

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