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Silver members gain access to Power-Up Expert Calls, AND recordings of ALL CALLS – featuring regular special guests who are movers and shakers in the self-development arena. These exciting calls are your opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions and gain useful tools and techniques you can instantly apply in your life to help you make inspired change and Power-Up Your Career, Love and Romance, Peace, Intuition, Energy, Confidence, Purpose, Health, Future and much, much more!

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Silver members also enjoy the opportunity to attend live laser coaching group calls with Jayne, this is an ideal opportunity to connect with other members, ask questions, take part in discussions, share ah-has, celebrate successes and most importantly gain on the spot ‘laser coaching’ to help you move forward on any areas keeping you stuck.

These calls kick off with a high content section, introducing a specific topic and sharing top tips and tools for transformation. This first part of the call is recorded so that you can listen afterwards if you are unable to make the live call for any reason.

During the second part of the call the lines are opened up for you to participate and experience high value coaching. This part of the call is not recorded, so you can relax and share in a safe space with other members supporting you to your success.

And, on top of all that – as a Silver member you are able to view ALL of Jayne’s previous articles and her video library, where you will find a whole range of materials to motivate and inspire you.

Silver members also gain access to Power-Up Expert Calls, featuring regular special guests who are movers and shakers in the self-development arena. These exciting calls are your opportunity to engage in thought provoking discussions and gain useful tools and techniques you can instantly apply in your life to help you make inspired change and Power-Up Your Career, Love and Romance, Peace, Intuition, Energy, Confidence, Purpose, Health, Future and much, much more!

And, on top of all that – as a Silver member you are able to view ALL of Jayne’s previous articles and her video library, where you will find a whole range of materials to motivate and inspire you.

  • Power-Up Expert Calls – dial in at cost of a local landline call or FREE using SKYPE and connect with leading Mind Body Spirit Experts, delivering incredible content on a range of topics AND giving you the opportunity to ask them your questions! (worth £19.97 per call) – approximately 3 calls per year – Recent guests have included Marci Shimoff, Dr David Hamilton, The Barefoot Doctor, Michael Neill and Nick Williams to name a few! Click here to view the full podcast list.
  • Access to Group Coaching Calls – dial in at cost of a local landline call or FREE using SKYPE and receive laser coaching (worth £19.97 per call) – approximately 3 calls per year
  • Unlimited Access to POWER-ZONE where you can download fantastic articles, videos and audio recordings of Power-Up Teleseminars with Mind Body Spirit Experts from all over the world (worth over £500)

Total Value = over £500

PRICE = £9.97 per year

What clients have to say about their coaching sessions….

“When I first met Jayne she was like an angel who had just entered the room, she shone like a bright light and it was apparent that people just warmed to her instantly. She is authentic, compassionate, considerate, an incredibly listener and yet acknowledges that she can use her intuition at ease to help guide you to the next step of your session, whether it is a thought, a mediation, a feeling or just simply to talk. She has clearly built a diverse range of modalities by which she can assist any individual in finding themselves again and I feel very privileged to know her and have worked with her.

Simply put, Jayne helped me get back in touch with my inner self, to recognize the things in my life that are important, to bring back the passion to those things and to move forward knowing that I am always supported and guided. I have managed to take control of the fears, because they were only a word, to manifest some positive decisions as to where my life was going, to acknowledge that I had a much deeper understanding energetically of what was going on and to go with the flow. I would recommend her to anyone who felt they needed some direction back in their lives. With sincerest love and gratitude”

- Shirley Palmer, Consultant,

“I’ve been working with Jayne for over 8 months now and find her sessions hugely beneficial. I have let go of negative behaviours like overworking and drinking too much at weekends. I now have so much love, peace and joy within me and trust that opportunities in my life will unfold naturally.

Jayne’s guidance has helped me assess where I am in my life and what needs to be worked on. This has given me more strength and hope for the future. She has taught me to use my intuition and believe in knowing that I am always provided for. I’ve learnt to hold in my heart everything will come to me with divine timing. Now that I look at my life this way the journey has become exciting. I have fully allowed myself to follow my path, which has been incredibly rewarding.

With the help of Jayne I have really been able to connect with my own inner power, create more love for myself and let go. Through this process I learnt a lot about my own approach to working with my weight loss clients. I realized I have so much power within myself, but subconsciously I had been afraid to use it! I find new opportunities are constantly flowing towards me, it feels great to be FREE. I am now attracting helpful, wonderful people into my life each day, who are helping me grow fully.

Jayne helped me to let go of everything that wasn’t serving my highest good, which has created more space for other wonderful opportunities in my life. Things are changing rapidly and I look forward to continuing to work with Jayne to help me follow my goals and live my life purpose.”

- Tracy Weare, Founder & Director of Create Change Within,

I had my first coaching session with Jayne back in March 2010 and have since had several sessions by phone and in person, attended one of her workshops and a completed her 5 day AP training programme. Before working with Jayne I had spent years heading in the same direction and started feeling an overwhelming sense of everything changing around me, but I was unsure of which direction to head in and how to become unstuck from certain areas in my life no longer serving me or making me feel good.

Working with Jayne has had a very powerful effect leaving me feeling free, happier and more empowered. I’ve removed many areas of clutter from my life and now have more direction and a clearer vision for the future. I have a more positive outlook, experience less fear of change and feel more empowered to make positive change. I’ve moved to a much better home environment, plus freed myself from toxic relationships and learned many lessons around this. I’ve let go of things I no longer enjoyed doing to make more time to spend looking after myself, exercising, being outdoors, and doing things I love like cooking and enjoying alternative therapies. As a result I feel full of energy! Having de-cluttered the old in a physical sense too, I now also enjoy a wardrobe filled with lovely outfits and shoes. I’ve learned the importance of protecting my energy and staying in my power and notice that I draw more and more positive people and things in to my life as a result.

I have a real feeling of excitement at all my plans for the future, especially business plans I have which will help me get out there in the world more to help others. Jayne offers a very powerful combination of life coaching skills, angelic therapy and other techniques. I truly believe there is no point being stuck in a life that isn’t 100% what you want it to be and investing time and money in yourself to become who you want to be is 100% worth it. Thank you Jayne, I can’t recommend you highly enough – what a lovely gift your positive energy is truly amazing and infectious! Keep up the great work!”

- Sian Hill, Senior Account Manager

Listen to Sian talk about how coaching with Jayne helped her get job of her dreams!

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“Before I worked with Jayne I had felt for some time stuck in patterns of self-sabotage which made no sense but which I couldn’t seem to avoid creating. I wanted to move forward and release old limiting beliefs but was unsure of how to do this.

I was lucky enough to have an initial session with Jayne after meeting her at a Hay House event for Movers and Shakers. I was instantly at ease and enveloped in her beautiful angelic energy. Jayne intuitively understood that I needed help and guided me through a powerful healing meditation, which enabled me to release with love some long-buried limiting beliefs and emotions. I was awed by her power and grace and felt the healing continue on beyond the session freeing up my energy and making me feel amazing. This has also had a hugely empowering knock-on effect in my own work.

After this first session with Jayne, I completed the Power-Up Your Purpose Programme. It helped me get really clear on my strengths and what I loved doing and gained in confidence to follow that. Since then I’ve taken my self-employed work to a new and successful level and seem to be flowing with the universe towards realising my dreams and potential.

However, possibly the most powerful part my experience with Jayne has been Future Life Progression follow up work. I experienced a profound healing in my love life (including family and romantic relationships) and could clearly see where I was going if I kept the faith. It was a beautiful and joyful experience expertly guided with deep gentleness by Jayne. She allows you to see yourself with love and acceptance, which is essential to moving forward.

Jayne is the real deal, a powerful life healer. A hundred thousand thank you’s!”

- Nathalie Le Pen, Director of Divine and Perfect,

“Since working with Jayne I have been inspired to make a number of lifestyle changes, finding time for creativity and thereby achieving a better work-life balance. I realised which areas of my life could benefit from focus. I found the courage to work on my health and fitness with a personal trainer and dedicate one day per week to explore starting my own business. As a blocked artist, I had been frustrated at my own lack of inspiration for new projects, but in learning to focus on what I would love to create and making my own vision board, I discovered an unexpected interest in writing and have since begun to pen my first novel!

After reading Jayne’s article on de-cluttering, I even re-organised my flat to allow for space to read, paint and study, and cleared my closet of unnecessary clothes and shoes. This process of change has helped me in so many areas of my life, from appreciating my friends and family more to re-visiting my own personal understanding of spirituality and in general, being kinder to myself and those around me.

I like to think of Jayne as a mentor, guide and friend – her skills in listening, understanding and motivating her clients actively facilitate positive and lasting life changes which nurture the creative soul. Jayne truly has a gift, which she shares with generosity and love. I would recommend her suite of classes, workshops and individual sessions without hesitation.”

- Tammy Gray, Project Manager

“I was so pleased to have the opportunity of meeting Jayne and warmed to her immediately. I instantly felt that she was sincere, honest in her approach and authentic which are fundamental key qualities in any coach.

I was extremely impressed with Jayne from my very first telephone coaching session with her. She was able to grasp very quickly the situations that I was dealing with and able to get to the crux of the problem very quickly and almost effortlessly. She found a very creative way to help me tap into the things which were concerning me most and in a way really helped me to see “the wood for the trees!” I found her very intuitive and in tune with what I was thinking and feeling.

Jayne is without doubt a professional who truly cares about those she coaches and I am hugely impressed by her. I have since had further coaching sessions with Jayne, completed her Angel Practitioner Training course, attended her Vision Board Workshop and Power-Up Your Purpose course.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to get clear on what they want in life and finding a way forward.”

- Jane Hamilton, Human Resources Manager

“I can’t thank Jayne enough for my truly transformational session. Jayne immediately tuned in to the issue that was holding me back at this time. Had I not met Jayne, I may never have been given the opportunity to understand the blocks that were preventing me from relating to people effectively. She guided and supported me throughout the session. The session finished with Jayne asking angels to gently heal me. I felt their presence as this was taking place. After the session I had a greater understanding of how an issue had been blocking my ability to show and feel love. I now feel I am safe to love again. I also felt extremely positive and feel I can move forward with ease.

I would recommend a session with Jayne for anyone who wants to remove old beliefs, heal on a physical or emotional level or those that feel they have blocks to moving forward in their lives.”

- Sheila, Centre Director and Skin Care Consultant

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